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Alexandria National Museum in Egypt was inaugurated

Alexandria National Museum  in Egypt

The Alexandria National Museum in Egypt was inaugurated the thirty one Dec, 2003 by Hosni Mubarak and it’s settled in an exceedingly fixed up Italian vogue palace in Tariq Al-Horreya Street (former Rue Fouad), close to the middle of the town..

Alexandria National Museum

It contains concerning one.800 artifacts that narrate the story of Alexandria and Egypt. Most of those items came from alternative Egyptian museums.

Alexandria National Museum 

1st Floor: swayer time. Mummies area unit shown in an exceedingly special underground chamber (basement)
second Floor: Graeco-Roman time. together with anthropology underwater excavations in Alexandria.
3rd Floor: Coptic, Islamic and trendy eras.

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The repository is housed within the previous Al-Saad Bassili authority Palace, World Health Organization was one amongst the wealthiest wood merchants in Alexandria. Construction on the positioning was 1st undertaken in 1926.


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