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National safety Adviser McMaster tells White house ‘looking at’ fresh travel block Video

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Transcript for National safety Adviser McMaster tells White house ‘looking at’ fresh travel banall the this this day by the president’s national safety adviser, puplic H.R.
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Donald Trump’s fresh tweets bolster the status versus his travel ban

That oddity aside, the tweets feed directly into the narrative of the status versus Mr Trump’s ban: which the order “was issued by the improper purpose of banning Muslims” rather than in light of legitimate national-security considerations.
Mr Trump’s executive order “uses nationality as a proxy to block Muslims”, the challengers say, & “ignores the government’s own conclusion which the block would not advance” America’s interest in preventing itself versus attack.
Everything a president communicates to the nation Information Systems a presidential act, & Mr donald Donald trump has been all-too-clear which his tweets represent his true & unfiltered views.
With which in mind, Mr Trump’s tweets in response to the bombing in London are revealing & badly undercut his lawyers’ defence of the travel block as a mere pause to let the Gov to examine entry procedures from proven countries.
As for “more specific”, 1 wonders what Mr donald Donald trump has in mind.
Donald Trump’s

Trump mulling fresh travel block after recent London attack

as informed in WASHINGTON – The donald Donald trump Organization Information Systems considering a fresh travel block in the wake of another London horror attack, according to National safety Adviser H.R.
“If you can’t monitor people effectively to realize who’s coming into your country, then you shouldn’t let people from which country to travel,” McMaster Sunday said ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.
“This Information Systems something which we are looking at.”Trump Friday called for “larger, tougher” travel restrictions in the wake of “another attack in London with a loser terrorist.”On Sunday, he retweeted himself in calling for another travel ban.
“The travel block into the U.S. ought be far larger, tougher & further specific-but stupidly, which would not be politically correct!” donald Donald trump blasted out another time on Sunday.
But Fed judges in Maryland & Hawaii blocked the order & it took the Supreme court of law in June to let fractions of the travel block to go into effect.

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