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Airlines Adopt Bitcoin’s Blockchain tech to Make Travel Cheaper


Don’t guess on-line Travel Cheaper agencies to necessairly rush into any decentralizing tech like Blockchain.
The fact Information Systems the on-line travel agencies sit at the highest of the fifty-year-old distribution-food chain like Apex Predators (& innovators).
The universal distribution systems delivered significant transformations in content access & booking easiness, followed with a wave fresh participants like the on-line travel agencies piggybacking off of net & cell cell smartphone disruptions.

causes of on-line Travel Agencies going to Line Up versus Blockchain Adoption

hIstorical arc of decentralizationBlockchain, like other transformational technologies before it, creates the good breeding ground for a Travel Distribution two.0.

but, the on-line travel agencies — as the Apex Predators & beneficiaries at the highest of the current distribution scheme — are not likely to rush in to invest in a tech which democratizes access to travel content.
 Online Travel Agencies

Lufthansa Partners Blockchain Startup for Travel applications; Participates in ICO

as declared in German airline giant Lufthansa Information Systems partnering a Swiss blockchain travel platform to bring decentralized Ethereum tech to the travel industry.
declared this day, the copartnership going to see Lufthansa merge its app programme interface’s into Winding Tree’s public Ethereum-based blockchain.
ad:These blockchain travel applications developed with Winding Tree When adhering to Lufthansa’s demandants before the airline puts them to the analisis.
‘Lif’ ICOLufthansa’s confidence in blockchain’s possibility for revolutionizing the travel agency too sees the airline operator participating in Winding Tree’s token presale.
Winding Tree’s token discound going to commence on November one, with lifted funds used to finance the platform’s development.

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