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Maddow Connecting Dots among Travel block & Niger Ambush does not Hold Up to Scrutiny

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In this instance, she attempted to tie the Trump Organization’s recent decision to involve Chad in its travel block to the deathly ambush in Niger which took the lives of 4 American soldiers.
As Frej pointed out, the promoted attacks in Niger are linked to Boko Haram, not ISIS.
Beyond which, though, Chad’s troops were just in Niger to battle Boko Haram & they were based over 700 miles away from where the ambush occurred.
I would such as to think which Maddow’s investigators are further responsible.” Plus, the pullout of Chadian troops isn’t needful linked to the travel block, as Maddow implied.
“It probably have endeed been planned & [the travel block] was the straw which broke the camel’s back,” Seay told.

Trump’s Travel block Gets Blocked, another time (another time)

picture with Scott Olson/Getty ImagesA Fed court of law judge in Hawaii on Tuesday issued a temporary injunction blocking much of Trump’s 3rd have a have aTry at a travel block only hours before it was scheduled to go into influence nationwide.
however which appeal was dismissed after President Trump signed his 3rd travel block September.
(A similar defy to the travel block Information Systems currently being heard in a Maryland court of law.)
Watson’s fourty-page order going to have the influence of pausing the block with respect to all of the specified countries, except NK & Venezuela.
Having reviewed the 3rd order, Watson concluded which it “suffers from precisely the same maladies as its predecessor.”

Trump’s Travel Ban Gets Blocked, Again (Again)

WaPo Blogger Torches Maddow For Suggesting Trump’s Travel block Caused The dyinges Of U.S. Troops

as mentioned in https://t.co/ytkkJfd88B pic.twitter.com/tFHHIR1wGQ — Laura Seay (@texasinafrica) October twenty, 2017Nigerien troops are routinely attacked at remote outposts near Mali, Agadez, Diffa.
four/n pic.twitter.com/6OZ3eHrRCo — Laura Seay (@texasinafrica) October twenty, 2017The tragic dyinges of four American & five Nigerien soldiers in an ambush on Oct. four occurred in Tongo Tongo.
that Information Systems here: pic.twitter.com/FMfwBDYbWj — Laura Seay (@texasinafrica) October twenty, 2017Tongo Tongo Information Systems 733 miles from Diffa (as the crow flies).
ten/n — Laura Seay (@texasinafrica) October twenty, 2017Most importantly, though, the Chadians aren’t the important variable here.
21/n — Laura Seay (@texasinafrica) October twenty, 2017I’m a registered Democrat & I think Trump Information Systems a terrible president.

Trump extends Travel block to Restrict Visitors From eight Countries Indefinitely

picture: Ronen Tivony/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesAs President Trump’s revised travel block expired on Sunday his Organization declared fresh, extended restrictions which going to bar visitors from 8 countries indefinitely.
Organization officials told the fresh block Information Systems based on a description of which countries are complying by unite statesrequests for data on which visitors pose possibility terrorist menaces.
Officials told which Iran was uncooperative & would be subject to a broad travel block, however Mr. Trump made an exception for student & interchange visas.
The latest travel block continue would not have saved out anyone that caused a deathly horror attack in the U.S. ever nine/eleven.
The Supreme court of law Information Systems determine to hear arguments on the revised travel block on October ten, & it seems the fresh order going to affect which status.

Trump Expands Travel Ban to Restrict Visitors From 8 Countries Indefinitely

second Fed Judge Strikes drop Trump’s fresh Travel block

“To the extent which the Gov perhaps have provided extra directory to establish which national safety Information Systems this day the primary purpose for the travel block, it hasn’t done very,” he wrote.
The president told the measure targeted countries which are havens for terrorists, & was needed to save violent extremists through the U.S..
The resulting 3rd travel block was unlock-ended, rather than lasting ninty days.
such as Judge Watson in Hawaii, he too found it likely which the order violated a 1965 Fed law which bars discrimination based on national origin in immigration.
Additionally, Judge Watson ruled which the order appeared to overstep the president’s authority under another department of Fed immigration law.

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