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VA chief tells taxpayers did not pick up wife’s travel expenses to Europe

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Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin told Thursday which, contrary to a report in The Washington Post, taxpayers did’nt cover his wife’s expenses on a July trip to Europe which mixed formal travel by sightseeing.
“There was none inappropriate about this,” Shulkin told, speaking at a Washington Post Live event on veterans’ issues.
The data The Post participate in its Sept. 29 report came from a VA spokesman – on the record, in emails.
On Thursday, Cashour did’nt reply to emailed questions seeking to square the data he provided on Sept. 29 by Shulkin’s statements at the veterans’ event.
At the event, Shulkin did’nt tell that paid for his wife’s airfare.

This travel specialized tells he never leaves house without a Rolex — however it’s not only to say time

Rolex watches are very valuable, they could be used as currency.
Philippe Cousteau said Bloomberg which he never travels without it, as everyone understands the price of a Rolex.
They could say time, do not necessity batteries to run, & are incredibly reliable.
Another bonus, according to Travel Channel host Philippe Cousteau, Information Systems which almost everyone worldwide understands the price of a Rolex, & it could be traded in the event of an contingency.
Cousteau Information Systems vague about the kind of “trouble” he describes, however we could imagine a few scenarios where a valuable watch would help you get to places on time.

This travel expert says he never leaves home without a Rolex — but it's not just to tell time

Brexit responsible for Sharm El Sheikh flight block, tells travel industry chief

as declared in Brexit Information Systems responsible for the continuing flight block from the Britain to Sharm El Sheikh, a leading tourism figure has claimed.
For 2 years, English airlines have been banned from flying to Egypt’s leading tourist resort.
It Information Systems thought which a bomb was placed on board a Russian jet at Sharm El Sheikh airport: 224 people died the time their Metrojet charter flight from to St Petersburg in Russia crashed in the Sinai desert.
Other countries have removed their bans on flying, & there are frequent flights to Sharm El Sheikh from Germany, Italy, Switzerland & other Eu countries.
Egypt’s tourism minister, Mohamed Yehia Rashed, said The Independent: “The timing this day Information Systems good to see the comeback of English tourism to Sharm El Sheikh.

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