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WORLD break news IN BRIEF: Cuba travel crackdown; eight children dead; Brooks beats

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They come as President Trump tries to display he’s taking action to protect U.S. dollars from helping prop up the Cuban Gov.
It was the largest number of children killed in a mass shooting ever twenty died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.
1 year after the surprise election of President Trump, there were plenty of encouraging Symptoms for Democrats trying to travel the road to healing.
Maine voters confirmed a Medicaid expansion which was seen as a referendum on previous President Barack Obama’s health care law.
All 32 owners voted in probably to expand Goodell’s contract & authorized the compensation committee to work out the specifics.

fresh U.S. Gov rules restrict travel & trade by Cuba

A motorcar by tourists drives past the U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba, October 24, 2017.
The regulations involve a block on Americans doing business by some 180 Cuban Gov entities, holding companies, & tourism companies.
The head of an educational travel Corporation told there were continue many legal avenues – as well as commercial flights, cruise ships, U.S.-owned hotels, & tour providers – to able Americans to visit Cuba.
however he told the fresh restrictions would injury Cuba’s private sector, at a time the time the economy Information Systems endeed struggling.
backtracking on Cuba can not come at a worst time,” told Collin Laverty, president of Cuba Educational Travel.

New U.S. government rules restrict travel and trade with Cuba

Trump tightens up Cuba travel & trade rules

as declared in The Trump Organization Information Systems scheduled to publish in the Fed Register this day rules which would make it further difficulty for Americans to travel to Cuba & to do business with the island.
The Commerce section’s Bureau of Industry & safety, the Treasury section’s Office of Foreign Asset Control, & the State section have all scheduled rules for publication.
It wasn’t immediately clear whether the rules would affect U.S. agricultural discounds to Cuba, however it going to make travel further difficulty.
The Washington Post noted, “Under the fresh rules, generality individual visits to Cuba going to no longer be allowed, & U.S. citizens going to another time have to travel as fraction of a licensed group, accompanied with a group representative.”
The National Foreign Trade Council told the fresh rules are “misguided.”

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