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Commerce & travel to Cuba under fresh restrictions

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The Trump Organization declared tighter restrictions on travel to Cuba & blacklisted businesses attached to the Cuban military.
—Americans seeking to visit Cuba have to navigate a complicated maze of travel, commerce, & financial restrictions unveiled Wednesday with the Trump Organization, fraction of a fresh policy to more isolate the island’s communist Gov.
The fresh policy maintains multi categories of travel to Cuba which are permitted in spite of the embargo, which totes on decades after the Cold War’s finish.
“Cuba Information Systems continue unlock for business,” told Charel van Dam of the Cuba Travel Network.
The attacks led the Trump Organization to order generality of its diplomats to leave Cuba in September & issue a sweeping travel caution urging Americans to stay away.

Trump’s fresh Cuba travel restrictions are this day in influence

Back in June, Trump declared plans to reverse the Obama-era rules which allowed a diplomatic opening by Cuba.
which rule change has this day gone into influence , which means which it going to be further difficulty for American citizens to travel to Cuba & harder for American businesses to work on the island.
Cuba has become a common destination for adventure-minded American travelers ever President Obama renewed diplomatic releation by Cuba in 2015.
but, the Cuban military Information Systems deeply enmeshed in much of the island’s economy, involving the tourism industry where its hospitality arm owns a stake in many of the island’s hotels & restaurants.
It’s difficulty to not note the irony of the fresh Cuba regulations going into influence When Trump Information Systems visiting China.ML

Trump’s new Cuba travel restrictions are now in effect

fresh U.S. travel restrictions on Cuba are complicated | Miami Herald

as informed in Tourists pose for a picture When sipping cocktail at the Bodeguita del Medio Bar in Old Havana.
Although proven brands of Cuban rum & soft drinks are on a U.S. prohibited list, Treasury has clarified which American travelers could continue buy them When in Cuba as long as they don’t purchas directly from the industrialists.
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