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The cheapest places to travel in 2018 — and when to go

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ShutterstockTravel search engine Kayak identified the 10 most wallet-friendly destinations for 2018.
In order to help you identify the places that will get you the most bang for your buck in 2018, we teamed up with travel search engine Kayak.
The travel dates and search dates that Kayak looked at fell within the one-year period of October 25th, 2016, to October 24th, 2017.
Kayak also provided median hotel prices in those destinations and median airfare prices for flights departing from the US and Canada to those cities.
All of these prices are based on travel dates that fall within the one-year period of November 1st, 2016, and October 31st, 2017.

Your guide to commercial space travel in 2018

SpaceX will launch astronauts with Crew DragonFor the first time ever, SpaceX is planning to conduct a mission to space with humans on board.
When: A test launch is scheduled for April, and the first manned mission is slated for August.
When: A test launch is planned for August, and a manned launch is set for November.
That honor belongs to the Saturn V, the NASA rocket that was used for the Apollo moon landings and was retired in the 1973.
When: A test launch is slated for sometime in January.

Your guide to commercial space travel in 2018

Six big travel questions for 2018

referring to The overall 2018 winner will win a nine-night trip to West Greenland for one person with Wild Photography Holidays.
The overall winner may choose the exact departure date within these dates, subject to availability.
The overall winner must give at least one month’s notice in advance of their desired dates of travel.
(d) Airport transfers to and from Ilulissat airport will be included.
(e) The overall prize does not include anything other than the elements stated above.

Win a trip to West Greenland in our 2018 travel photography competition

(Photo: Andrea Merola, EPA-EFE)Rather than making the usual predictions, this year I’m raising some of the really big questions that travelers and the travel industry are likely to face in 2018 travel.
Here’s what to watch out for in 2018 travel.
Will destinations address over-tourism in 2018 travel?
Nobody denies the problem; the big question is how impacted areas will try to manage it and how future changes will affect 2018 travel.
I wonder just why those or other OTAs don’t do just that, and maybe some finally will grant it for 2018 travel.

Six big travel questions for 2018

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