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Experiencing China’s Lunar latest Year travel rush — with motorbike

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Guangdong, China (CNN) — It’s not the safest option however for many of China’s migrant workers a motorbike is the cheapest & easiest method to make it home for the country’s biggest holiday — the Lunar latest Year.
The Chinese rail authority said it going to carry some 390 million passengers among February one & March twelve this year.
CNNCNN on the roadWe rented our own bikes & rode the road alongside some of China’s “motorcycle army” as they made the two-wheeled journey home, including Yang Ricai.
There are Symptoms which fewer workers are making the trek home by motorbike as China’s high-speed rail network has extended & made rail tickets easier to get during peak travel times.
Family reunionIn Fengkai province in rural Guangdong, near the border by Guangxi, Mai Haijun was waiting for the rest of his family to get home.

6.5 million Chinese tourists to travel abroad this Lunar latest Year

Chinese people are breaking by tradition as celebrations get under method this Lunar latest Year.
Family reunions are increasingly being replaced by outings & trips to scenic spots, or places of interest in neighbouring provinces.
We aren’t supposed to do anything else.”Xie is between 6.5 million mainland Chinese tourists who going to travel abroad in the week-long holiday which runs out of February 20.
Just a decade ago, Lunar latest Year – a festival steeped in tradition – represented high season for businesses like restaurants, shops, garment makers & food processors.
According to the joint report, 344 million mainland Chinese travelled domestically during the Lunar latest Year holiday final year, by per capita spending hitting 3,500 yuan (US$560).

6.5 million Chinese tourists to travel abroad this Lunar New Year

referring to Blocks of train tickets have been wiped out during the three-day holiday known as “Seollal,” that begins on Friday.
She’s excited to arrest the action at the Gangneung Hockey Centre — if she could just figure out the method to get there in time for the puck-drop at noon.
(Jung Yeon-Je/AFP/Getty Images)But even planners by the foresight to purchase special PyeongChang Rail Passes granting them unlimited KTX travel have been through luck.
Their passes allow for back-and-forth train travel, however do not guarantee seats, that still had to be reserved ahead of Seollal.
It’s too frustrating for people by Olympic tickets however no method to get to their desired events.

Olympics plus Lunar latest Year adding up to ‘nightmare’ travel for people in South Korea


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