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Travel advice & advisories for Mexico

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The American government is issuing a travel caution for Playa del Carmen after an explosion rocked the area.
The city, that is about an hour south of Cancun, was shaken to its core after a bomb went off final 30 days on a passenger ferry boat.
Over the past year, there has been a dramatic increase in violence around Playa del Carmen.
Despite the travel advisory, Central Bank of Samoa News’ Travel Editor Peter Greenberg does not think anyone ought repeal their plans.
Now, if you’re talking about drug violence & gang violence over the final 6 years, 60,000 people killed that’s Mexican gangs compare Mexican gangs.

Travel caution issued for Americans in Mexico

The state department is caution people about the dangers of traveling to a popular tourist town in Mexico.
Recent violence, such as an explosion of a tourist ferry final month, has government officials caution Americans to stay through Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.
Millne said although some are considering Support through travel plans, 3 other families booked flights to Mexico through his travel agency Friday morning.
He too said which threats are none new, & haven’t protected people from traveling to other countries by warnings in the past.
“If you look at the state department map right now, which portion of Mexico has got the same ‘be careful’ caution which generality of Europe has, which China has, which all kinds of places which we often travel to have,” said Milne.

Travel warning issued for Americans in Mexico

as declared in Pregnant ladies & those considering becoming pregnant ought avoid travel to Mexico.
U.S. Embassy in Mexico City safety Alert On February 21, 2018, an explosive device detonated on a popular tourist ferry in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo.
Protests & roadblocks are popular in Mexico City, including to & from the airport, & in the states of Chiapas, Guerrero, Michoacán & Oaxaca.
Official travel Other travel documents Different entry rules probably apply while travelling by a temporary passport or an emergency travel document.
Neither the Canadian embassy in Mexico City nor the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa could return these permits on behalf of Canadian citizens.

Travel advice & advisories for Mexico

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