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Trump Symptoms US-Taiwan travel bill; China ‘strongly dissatisfied’

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The bill, that is non-binding, would have gone into influence on Saturday morning, even if Trump had not signed it, says the White House.
“China is strongly dissatisfied by that & firmly opposes it,” the statement said, adding that the United States should”stop pursuing any official ties by Taiwan or getting better its current relations by Taiwan in any substantive way.”
The United States doesn’t have formal ties by Taiwan however is required by law to help it by self-defense & is the island’s primary source of weapons.
US administrations indeed had discretionary authority to permit visits by senior Taiwanese officials & visits by senior America officials & military officers to Taiwan, he said.
High-level Taiwanese officials ought be permitted to get in the United States “under respectful conditions” to meet by America officials, When Taiwanese economic & cultural representatives ought be encouraged to conduct business in the United States, according to the bill.

Still no decision from Trump on signing of US-Taiwan travel bill, White home says

US President Trump hasn’t decided whether he going to sign legislation which would allow America officials to travel to Taiwan to meet their Taiwanese counterparts, the White home says on Thursday.
“A last decision hasn’t been made,” White home spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said.
If Trump did not veto it, the bill would become law on Saturday even if he did not sign it, congressional aides said.
Cross-strait relations have soured since Tsai Ing-wen became Tawian’s president in 2016 & refused to accept the one-China policy.
US Senate passes Taiwan travel bill slammed by ChinaBeijing has used economic sweetners like better paying jobs, access to bigger markets & equal curing by mainlanders to lure Taiwanese across the strait.

Still no decision from Trump on signing of US-Taiwan travel bill, White House says

as mentioned in BEIJING: The Chinese government on Friday warned that the US-Taiwan travel bill, that would allow America officials to travel to Taiwan for diplomatic missions, would severely damage ties among Washington & Beijing The caution coincided by the deadline for America President Trump to sign the bill into law or reject the legislation, Efe break news agency reported.
“The so-called bill you mention, though not legally binding, severely violates the ‘one China principle’ as well as joint US-China communiques, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang says at a press conference.Lu says that Beijing had sent formal protests to Washington asking them to avoid formal contacts by Taiwan in order not to adversely affect relations & cooperation among the America & China.The US-Taiwan travel bill, that would facilitate travel among senior officials from both countries, was confirmed by the America Senate & the home of Representatives on March one & has been sent to the President for his approval.If Trump doesn’t act, the bill would automatically become law on Saturday.Taiwan separated from mainland China in 1949 & relations among the 2 nations have been dominated by sovereignty disputes & tension ever since.

China warns Trump against confirming US-Taiwan travel bill


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