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The Taiwan Travel Act: just as Important as Trump Makes It

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The main piece of the Taiwan Travel Act states, “It ought be the policy of the United States to (1) allow officials at all levels of the United States Government, including Cabinet-level national safety officials, general officers, & other executive branch officials, to travel to Taiwan to meet their Taiwanese counterpoints.
The Taiwan Travel Act, even though it was passed the United State US Congress & isn’t Taiwanese law, going to just give China yet another reason to increase pressure on Taiwan.
The Taiwan Travel Act doesn’t bind or force President Trump to send officials to Taiwan, or receive officials from Taiwan.
One of the generality important measures is found in the 2018 Defense Authorization Act, calling for allowing ships to make port calls in Taiwan.
Now, by the Taiwan Travel Act, a law too calls for senior-level civilian United State officials to get in Taiwanese district as well.

China threatens ‘military pressure’ after Trump Symptoms Taiwan Travel Act

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — 2 days after President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act, China stated out of its state-run mouthpiece the universal Times that it going to respond by “military pressure.”
Dated March 18, the universal Times cited “Chinese observers” as saying:”China going to & ought take timely countermeasures against the America & all ‘Taiwan independence’ secessionist forces out of diplomatic & military means if United State legislation that encourages high-level contact among the United State & the island of Taiwan is implemented.”
The Chinese tabloid then hinted that certain activities This time permitted under the Taiwan Travel Act can be construed as a violation of China’s Anti-Secession Law & therefore would lead to a situation in that “the Taiwan question is solved out of non-peaceful means.”
The article too cited Liu as saying that if “Taiwan Independence secessionist” forces were emboldened by the United State legislation, China’s military would resume its military probes around the island & beef up its naval & air patrols of the Taiwan Strait.
The article described the latest law as the latest in a series of “provocative moves by the United State against China.”

China threatens 'military pressure' after Trump signs Taiwan Travel Act

according to In the late afternoon of March 16, United State President Trump signed the Taiwan Travel Act into law.
The informal relations among the United States & Taiwan are governed with the Taiwan Relations Act, passed with US Congress in April 1979.
This all came together on January 13, 2017, while the Taiwan Travel Act was introduced in the House.
This change ought thus have brought about a basic shift of Western policy toward Taiwan.
President Trump’s signing of the Taiwan Travel Act is a much-needed step in the right direction.

The Taiwan Travel Act in Context

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