10 Famous museums in Paris

If you look for best museums, you will find it in Paris

We will talk about 10 famous museums in Paris in this topic

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Famous museums in Paris

1-The Louvre

It is the famous museum in Paris and the biggest
This museum turned into a museum after the revolution
The Louvre includes 35000 painting , sculptures and other pieces
The collections is consists of eight departments
Such as painting, sculptures, decorative art and drawing dating
Also the main entrance that will give you the first inkling of the museum’s disparate
Finally , the main attraction in this museum is venus de milo and Leonardo da vinic mona lisa

2-le centre pompidou

It is the famous attractions in Paris
It shows the most distinctive architecture in the world
In addition twisting exposed pipes and air ducts
It includes a lot of modern artwork of painting
And books
Also sculpture, cinema and video

3-Petit Palais

It was built in 1900 by Charles Girault
It includes 1300 decorative murals and sculptures
Also visitors is up 51 million people
This museum is designed to honor Paris

4-Musee du Quai Branly

It shows tribal from different continents
Also you can see ancient civilizations and original lifestyle
The target of this museum is preserved the beauty of cultures all around the world
Whether Africa, Asia and America
This place is good for families and students

5-musee carnavalet

It includes rich archaeological collections
This collections belongs to French revolution
In addition it occupies two palace from the 16th and 17th
This museum is less crowded than any other museums

6-Musee Rodin

You will see a wealth sculptures designed by Rodin
Involving the great Balzac, the burghers of Calais
Also the art of work are managed in the rooms
The main attractions in museum is the great Balzac , the gates of hell

7-Musee Cluny

It offers Gothic architecture for remembering of this important era
This museum is designed within two prestigious building in Paris
It includes variety collection of tapestries and painting
The main attractions is the lady and the unicorn
Also ivory of Madonna and child

8-Musee de l’armee

It was built by 1905 with the merging of the muse d’Artillerie and the musee historique
The museum was preserved artifacts of war
As weapons, artillery and painting
Also including from ancient military artifacts to the end of world war

9-Musee du vin

If you are a visitor just a thirsty for wine, you have to visit this museum
It shows objects using in vineyards and winemaking
Perhaps you go to the museum and drink the free wine

10-Musee de la contrefacon

The government of Paris created the museum due to reduce counterfeiting
The real items major are placed side by side with their bootleg counterparts
This process will show the differences
Also you will learn how to know fake products





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