Religious tourism

10 sites of religious tourism 2019

Religious tourism 2019 is at the height of its glory
It is an important of industrial tourism
And it focus on visiting locations that are considered holy sites

also travel4all talked about many topics in types of tourism 

Religious tourism 2019

firstly The holy sites are not only visited by pilgrims but non religious tourists too
They can visit cultural, historical and religious sites
Religious tourism became a vital factor for attract tourists
And the holy site is a tourist attraction in the first class
The first meaning of religious tourism is travelling for experiencing religious activities such as culture and traditions
Also religion and tourism are engaged with each other
We will talk about the most important place for religious tourism

1- Al masjid Alharam

above all It considers the holiest place for Muslims
Also it is the largest mosque in the world
It covers an area of 356.800 square meters
This place came to it from all over the world
Through the hajj period up to 2 million people can pray in the largest mosque

2-AL Masjid AL Nabawe

firstly This mosque is built by prophet’s mosque in medina
and It considers the second holiest site for muslims
also It is a big destination for pilgrims

3-church of the nativity Bethlehem

It is the main Christian holy site
It is a place of christ’s birth
And it is the oldest Christian churches

4-the Mount of Olives

firstly It is a tradition way is taken by Jesus
Also Jesus spent many time in it
And the steps of via dolorosa are the oldest Christian way in the world

5-the church of the holy sepulcher

This church is thought that Jesus buried and resurrected in it

6-AL Aqsa Mosque

It is located in the old city of Jerusalem
And it is the third site for muslims
The muslims visitors can go the mosque to worship but the government restricts sometimes

7-Quba Mosque

firstly It is a holy place for Muslims
And it located in Medina and the first stones were built by prophet Muhammad
Also muslims consider praying a holy action

8-Sultan Ahmed mosque

Firstly it is known as the blue mosque because it has an exquisite blue inside it
It is located in Istanbul that consider the holy sites for muslims

9-Dome of the Rock

It is situated on the temple mount in the old city of Jerusalem
and Different sects come to this mosque
Such as Christians,jews and muslims

10-st.catherine Monastery

This Monastery has never been destroyed in all eras
It preserves the distinctive qualities of Greek and Roman
And The Christians also honored the monastery




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