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Dammam Historical Museum , ksa . sudia arbia

Dammam Historical Museum,,,

Dammam Regional deposit, the place, that tells the story of eras stretching to seventeen thousand years BC, ranging from the prehistoric era to the current time, a distance of your time indicates the depth of the region’s historic. Lies of these times on one floor of a building in hand by the inspiration to the Department of Education for Boys. The building homes the deposit and also the library. after I touched agency effects of center of the Ministry of Education (formerly Education currently) to the National Commission for business there has been very little modification to the deposit, still occupies identical website of the previous and also the same area the previous and also the same guests to stay faculty students and their chaperones ar the foremost visited him on throughout the period of the year.

Dammam Historical Museum

 Dammam Historical Museum – Overview :

Cornerstone Museum

When touring the depository takes you shocked by all this historical gift. you’ll be able to navigate from one civilization to a different, you only ought to move from the hall that stands to the opposite hall. The area given to every civilization doesn’t exceed sixteen sq. meters in most cases, with the exception of the Islamic civilization and Hall Hall traditional knowledge. The depository includes among its divisions, the time period wherever it displays the traditional fishing ways that date from to it era found within the region, and a few of the graphics thinkable, then the section on civilization slaves that pervaded the region before 4300 BC. in step with archaeologists, this civilization that engineered civilization in Al-Iraq, wherever tribes migrated therein amount to Al-Iraq to assess its civilization there when developing cities and temples within the region, and having reached the makings of force invasion of alternative civilizations. In section displays pottery qualitative analysis back to it era, likewise as some proof of civilization, like hydrocarbon, that was used for the roof of the homes. The unfold of this civilization to almost 800 years sweptwing across the region and a few urban areas in Al-Iraq. The Department of Dilmun civilization, that flourished since 2500 BC. the foremost vital proof of this civilization graves depository displays a sample, says Abdul Hamid Al-Hashash, director of the depository «been restricted to around five hundred grave within the town of Dhahran alone, qualitative analysis back to the Dilmun civilization, and open them solely fifty graves.

Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Governor of Eastern Province:

Relics in the museum

Also includes the repository hall, aristocrat Mahomet bin Fahd Governor of japanese Province, which incorporates the categories of weapons and ceramics of civilizations and multiple picket doors up Omar every to three hundred years, and variety of currencies Greek and Alsasneh and Omayyad geographical area and Abbasid of regarding 1100 coins from totally different eras. «Largest cluster profit the region, per the words of the repository director. within the alternative a part of the Hall House Sharqawi full details and sections totally different, and its study and academic activities of life practiced wherever this quantity of collectibles, he says Abdul Hamid Hashash «this cluster heritage in hand aristocrat Mahomet bin Fahd, singled out the repository support him in his career tariff on region ». He adds Hashash «represent aristocrat Mahomet Hall qualitative addition to the repository with all its valuables. Since the repository is measured by the amount of holiday makers, very little Hashash «hit guests to the repository within the past year over thirty eight thousand guests, that isn’t unfortunate, if we tend to take into consideration the slender house repository.


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