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Al-Diriyah may be a city in Asian nation set on the northwestern outskirts of the Saudi capital, Riyadh. Diriyah was the initial home of the Saudi royal house, and served because the capital of the primary Saudi phratry from 1744 to 1818. Today, the city is that the seat of the Diriyah Governorate, that additionally includes the villages of Uyayna, Jubayla, and Al-Ammariyyah, among others, and is an element of Ar Riyad Province.



Location :



The ruins of the previous town of Diriyah lay on either aspect of the slim vale referred to as gully Hanifa, that continues southward through capital of Saudi Arabia and on the far side. Consisting nearly entirely of mud-brick structures, the ruins area unit divided into 3 districts, Ghussaibah, Al-Mulaybeed, and Turaif, attack prime of hills dominating the vale. Of the 3, Turaif is that the highest, and its bottom is definitely accessible to tourists by foot. a part of town wall, running on the sides of the gully and additionally product of mud-bricks, area unit still existing together with some short observation towers.
The modern town is made at a lower altitude at the foot of Capitol Hill upon that Turaif is found. To the north of the city, within the vale, area unit variety of gardens, palm groves, and little farms and estates. A dam referred to as Al-Ilb lies additional north.

History of Diriyah :



Although the placement is typically known with AN ancient settlement mentioned by Yaqut and Al-Hamadani referred to as “Ghabra”, the history of Diriyah correct dates back to the fifteenth century. per the chroniclers of Nejd, the town was based in 1446-7 by Mani Al-Mraydi, AN ascendant of the Saudi royal line. Mani and his kindred had return from the world of Al-Qatif in jap peninsula, upon the invite of Ibn Dir’, UN agency was then the ruler of a bunch of settlements that currently frame Riyadh. Ibn Dir’ is alleged to own been a relative of Mani’ Al-Mraydi, and Mani’s kindred is believed to own left the world of gully Hanifa at some unknown date and were simply returning to their country of origin.
Initially, Mani’ and his kindred, referred to as the Mrudah, settled in Ghusaybah and Al-Mulaybeed. the whole settlement was named Al-Dir’iyah, when Mani’s helper Ibn Dir’. Later on, the district of Turaif was settled.several families from alternative cities or from the Beduin tribes of the near desert eventually settled within the space and by the eighteenth century Diriyah had become a widely known city in Nejd.
The restored masjid of Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab at recent Diriyyah.
At that point, Muhammad ibn Saud emerged from a struggle inside the ruling family of Al-Diriyah, the Al Migrin (sons of Migrin, a descendant of Mani’), and have become the swayer, or ruler, of Al-Diriyah. In 1744, Ibn Saud took in a very fugitive non secular scholar named Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, UN agency hailed from the city of Al-Uyaynah, lying on a similar gully some thirty miles upstream. Ibn Saud in agreement to implement Ibn Abdul Wahhab’s non secular views, and what later became referred to as the primary Saudi State, with its capital at Diriyah, was born. inside following many decades, Ibn Saud and his immediate descendants managed to subjugate all of Nejd, yet because the jap and western regions of peninsula, and sent raids into Irak. Diriyah quickly proud in size and accumulated in wealth, changing into the biggest city in Nejd and a significant town in peninsula by the standards of the time. However, the Saudis’ conquest of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina thespian the ire of the Turkish Empire, the foremost Moslem power at the time, light-emitting diode to the Ottoman-Saudi War of 1811–1818 ANd AN invasion of peninsula by Ottoman and Egyptian forces brought the Saudi state to an finish in 1818, with Diriyah capitulating when a nearly-year-long beleaguering. The leader of the invasive force, patriarch pacha, ordered the destruction of Diriyah. However, once a member of the native nobility tried to revive the Wahhabi state in Diriyah, patriarch ordered his troops to destroy the city even additional and set no matter was left of it aflare. once the Saudis revived their fortunes in 1824 and once more in 1902, they created their capital additional south in Riyadh, that has remained their capital ever since.[5] The town’s original inhabitants left Diriyah when 1818, with the majority of them moving to Riyadh. within the Kingdom (first printed in 1981), British author Henry Martyn Robert Lacey discovered that the Al Saud had “left the shell of their recent capital behind them, an everlasting reminder of the frontiers of the possible” and compared the recent Diriyah to “a sand-blown Pompeii”.but, the world was settled within the late twentieth century, principally by former nomads (bedouin), and a brand new town was based by the Saudi government within the late Nineteen Seventies.This new town of Diriyah grew in size and is currently alittle however trendy city and also the seat of its own governorate. The ruins stay a traveler attraction, and square measure subject to a slow restoration project on the a part of the Saudi government.

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