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Shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him , iran

Shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him,,

Shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him

Scene: the primary Heaven in Iran were recognize Breis and scenery satisfaction, peace be upon him name Vgelb, far from the capital Teheran 924 klick, came in fighter Atalibaan: (Bring safe Muslim Reza before dig his grave and ordered to poke into his father’s side).

Shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him -overview :

Shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him1


The sources united that (peace be upon him) was buried within the dome wherever Aaron is buried rational Breis in Dar Hamid bin Qahtbh Taie and shows that this dome was designed on rational and his son is safe.
The safe UN agency desires to remain the result of his father’s grave constant ineradicable, a soul on the tyrants and therefore the darkness no matter tyranny, however when the passage of your time became a issue of it absolutely was, he needed to use the temperament of Muhammedan peace be upon him to immortalize his father’s grave Harun al-Rashid, however he unnoticed that right on top of not be prevailed it no authority except to the proper if someone dies ruler died with him tyranny and therefore the logic of justice and remains alone is that the ruler, and when breaking forever the ability of the Abbasids became the shrine of Muhammedan, peace be upon him is that the shrine alone that the city became not solely referred to as a scene satisfaction, peace be upon him

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Shrine of Imam Reza


Headquartered shrine Tahir currently within the middle of the buildings of his buildings that surround it’s a dish Dar previous, and new house of prayer Kohrashad and arcades, the land on that the headquarters burial chamber and buildings that surround it amounts to a neighborhood of ​​about forty,000 sq. meters supported the 5040 meters of the shrine and corridors , and at 5211 meters together with balconies facing the street, then 4950 meters occupied by the new dish and therefore the previous 7150-meter dish and 8798 meters underlying house of prayer Kohrashad, and 8000 meters settle building and dish Razavi repository House.
And there’s on-site at the shrine several precious tiles price and howling manuscripts. and therefore the shrine Tahir dome height thirty one meters and was the face of the dome, no peel outer, till 932 e coated Balqachani, and this year is that the sovereign Tahmasp Ptbdelh to Golden conjointly got wind of a beacon gilded fantastic, and set concerning shrine shrine of gold however all this gold claimed pillaged in invasions Uzbeks at the time of patrician Abdul Momin Khan الأزبكي, wherever is Boukala and dissolve to require advantage of it within the interests of the opposite.
Since then till 1010 e ar abandoned and damaged. during this year went sovereign Abbas the nice of metropolis to go to field preparation.
It is settled within the rib east field curtilage new and a length of eighty five and show fifty four m, and within the reign of Fath Ali sovereign Qajarite initiated made in 1233 AH was adorned Balqachani final in 1260 AH at the time of Mohammad sovereign, however this dish conjointly Ewan ism established by Fath Ali sovereign and completed Tzhiba Nasir al-Din sovereign The field includes Tahir minarets ar settled within the ancient dish, one base within the southern aspect, and alternative base within the northern aspect of the curtilage 1st established Safavid sovereign Tahmasp, was Tzhebha by Nadir sovereign.

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