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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka or Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka|Ceylon|country|state|land}, once Ceylon, formally the Republic of land Democratic Socialism (Sri Lanka:, Tamil: இ ல ங ் க ை; fluid glorious a year agone, 1972), could be a massive island within the Indian Ocean south of Asian country, AN island nation in South Asia, about31 kilometers (19.3 miles) from the southern coast of Asian country, witnessed acts of violence by the separatist Tamil Tiger rebels within the amount from 1983 to 2001.

About Sri Lanka :

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Because of its location within the manner of major ocean routes, wherever the link between West Asia and geographic area, and has been the middle of Theravada Buddhism since past. Today, this multi-religious country and ethnic nation with nearly a 3rd of the population of the followers of Buddhism and therefore the rest from different religions, [citation needed], particularly Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. Sinhalese conjure the bulk of the population additionally to Tamils, UN agency area unit targeted within the north and east of the island, UN agency kind the biggest ethnic group. different communities embrace undeveloped land and Malaysian Muslims.

Famous island within the production and export of tea, coffee, rubber and coconut, and state step by step move to a contemporary industrial economy, population has the best per capita financial gain in South Asia. As Sri Lanka’s illustrious natural great thing about the goal within the tropical forests, beaches and landscape, yet because the wealthy cultural heritage, creating it a preferred international holidaymaker destination.

After quite 2 thousand years of rule by native kingdoms, occupied components of state were settled by Portuguese Republic and therefore the European country at the start of the sixteenth century, before management of the whole country by British Empire in 1815. throughout the Second war state was seen as a very important base for Allied forces within the war against Japan.

Nationalist social movement arose within the country within the early last century, that aimed to induce political independence, that got it from British occupation once peaceful negotiations in 1948.


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In times of yore, it absolutely was well-known land by a spread of names: Greek geographers known as it, the Arabs and seen that it Serendib (the origin of “coincidence” word). Was the name given to land by the Portuguese after they arrived in 1505) that has been translated into English and Ceylon. As a results of nation dependency, was well-known within the island of Ceylon, and achieved independence beneath the name Dominion of Ceylon in 1948.

The name derives from the Indic land (venerable) and Surrey (island),), and therefore the name of the island within the ancient Indian sacred text epics Ramayana.

In 1972, and was the official name of the country modified to “freedom, sovereignty and freelance Republic of land.” In 1978 it absolutely was modified to “Democratic Socialist Republic of land.”


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