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all news China Museums and China’s melting pot in 5/11/2013

China :  Museums educate, commemorate


Relics from the 2008 earthquake are exhibited throughout the disaster zone to remember the past and prepare for the future…. read more

A Battle to Become Art Capital of China

Guangzhou by day, from the 31st floor of the Crowne Plaza City Centre

With Beijing’s National Art Museum of China (Namoc) planning to open a new building in Olympic park displaying its contemporary collection in 2017, and Hong Kong’s M+ museum slated to open the same year, The New York Times reports on the ongoing battle between the two cities to become the center of China’s art world….see more

China‘s melting pot

Guangzhou is a huge, teeming city just north of Hong Kong in mainland China and is green and leafy, with remarkably little litter. The city centre is busy with an early Friday evening crowd but traffic moves at a reasonable pace and the pavements are not crammed. Where are the heaving crowds, the pushing and shoving that I had been led to expect in China? Where is the rubbish and grime?...read more

Volunteers needed at West Overton Museums

West Overton Museums officials are hoping to attract some volunteers to help with guided tours and several other projects throughout the summer….read more


Asia Travel VLOG #6: Tiananmen Square and National Museum of China


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