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Why The Best Time To Travel For Thanksgiving Is Always Thanksgiving Morning

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That’s because driving to wherever you are going on Thanksgiving morning has always clearly been the best option, even before we had Google data to prove as much.
Let’s run through that Google data, though, quickly.
What this chart also shows is that there were no traffic spikes early Thanksgiving morning, or all day Thanksgiving really, unless you count the afternoon when people are presumably shuttling between locations or going out for beer or something.
So, yes, the data clearly shows that Thanksgiving morning is the thinking driver’s pick, but also consider, aside from that, going on Thanksgiving morning means less time with your crappy family, or at least a more manageable amount of time with your crappy family.
According to Google, traffic is worst on Sunday afternoons and evenings, as people return to their holes, though, if you look at the data, it doesn’t really matter.

These Are the Worst Times to Travel This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is notorious for being one of the busiest times of the year to travel.
And this year may be the worst Americans have seen in more than a decade.
AAA found car rentals average around $70 per day — 34% higher than last year.
Those flying to their destination, however, may have booked a cheaper Thanksgiving trip than usual.
According to AAA, the average cost for round-trip flights was the lowest in five years.

These Are the Worst Times to Travel This Thanksgiving

Travel tips for Thanksgiving

as informed in Unfortunately, that often means traveling, and traveling in the days leading up to Thanksgiving can be a blinding nightmare.
Hundreds of people worried that they’re going to make their flight means a whole lot of crankiness and stress.
Try to pack everything in an approved carry-on which varies from airline to airline and aircrafts (visit airline website for dimensions).
How can people plan ahead to avoid being supremely miserable when they’re traveling over the holidays?
Besides becoming dehydrated and jet lag becoming worse, it often leads to trouble—being loud, being obnoxious, bothering fellow passengers and flight attendants.

Advice from a Flight Attendant on How to Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Terrible

FORT MYERS, Fla — – Southwest Florida International Airport is about to be flooded with holiday travelers.
The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days of the year.
“Instead of going direct from Philadelphia to here, I was being rerouted to Denver and had to stay the whole day and take a red eye to arrive Thanksgiving morning,” she added.
RSW recommends would be fliers to arrive at the airport two hours before their flight.
They also suggest you arrive three hours if you have an international flight.

Travel tips for Thanksgiving

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