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How to Travel to Cuba Solo Under Trump’s New Regulations

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Since Trump restricted travel to Cuba in November, you may be laboring under the assumption that it’s once again illegal for U.S. citizens to visit Cuba, but that’s simply not true.
I visited Cuba in August of last year with a group tour that met these requirements.
Now, you can only do people-to-people travel in a group with a designated guide who can schedule all of the educational activities.
Solo travel under the people-to-people category is no longer allowed, according to OFAC guidelines.
How to Travel to Cuba SoloIf people-to-people travel is off limits, you need to find another category that can get you in.

Los Cabos Tourism Director Talks New Travel Advisory Impact

This week’s update to how the State Department issues travel advisories brought some changes for how Los Cabos is rated.
Rodrigo Esponda, managing director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board, spoke with Travel Agent on what the changes mean for the destination’s tourism.
“I think it’s encouraging, that this underscores our belief that Los Cabos is a safe and secure destination,” Esponda says.
“I think the decision reflects our commitment to dedicate all the resources that we have to make sure Los Cabos remains a safe destination.”Under the new travel advisory system, Los Cabos is rated Level 2 – Exercise Increased Caution, out of a possible four levels.
Despite the violent incidents and the August travel warning, Los Cabos has continued to show signs of strong tourism growth over the past year, Esponda says.

as mentioned in A new tiered travel advisory system from the U.S. State Department was rolled out yesterday , replacing the old one of alerts, warnings, and security message.
Meanwhile, other regions, including the popular tourist destination of Yucatán, had “no travel advisory in effect.”
And the Mexico Travel Warning, the previous Travel Warning, had that information.
I think it’s much more clearly spelled out here in the new Travel Advisory.”
In 2017, Mexico suffered one of its most violent years in two decades, but any concerns about safety require a layer of nuance—something that the new travel advisory system affords with its state-by-state breakdown.

Mexico Travel Advisory: What the New System Means for U.S. Travelers

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