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We’ve worked on stopping terrorism. Trump’s travel ban fuels it

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Matthew G. Olsen served as director of the National Counterterrorism Center from 2011 to 2014.
That’s precisely the reason we are opposed to Trump’s travel ban, that heads to the Supreme Court this 7 days for oral arguments.
Effective counterterrorism policies respond to real threats, that in Turn around means responding to real intelligence about threats.
But Trump’s prohibition on entry to the United States from a number of overwhelmingly Muslim-majority countries is grounded in neither real threats nor real intelligence.
Legitimate threats involve specific people, & that’s the reason our country conducts rigorous & tailored vetting for specific travelers coming to the United States.

In travel ban case, Supreme Court considers ‘the president’ vs. ‘this president’

[Appeals court strikes down Trump travel ban — again]The state of Hawaii, that is leading the defy of the ban, told the Supreme Court:“For over a year, the president campaigned on the pledge, never retracted, that he would ban Muslims from entering the United States.
Instead of appealing to the Supreme Court, the Organization enacted a second version of the plan.
Before the Supreme Court can consider the merits of the second plan, the Organization in September reported a latest one.
The latter 2 countries aren’t portion of the defy before the Supreme Court, & the Organization on April ten removed Chad from the list.
“Not a single man from these countries has killed anyone in a terrorist attack in the United States in over 4 decades,” the brief stated.

As it stated in The premier large showdown at the United State Supreme Court over President Donald Trump’s immigration policies is set for Wednesday while the justices hear a defy to the lawfulness of his travel ban targeting people from various Muslim-majority countries.
Trump’s policy, reported in September, blocks entry into the United States of generality people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria & Yemen.
It has previously acted on Trump requests to undo reduce court orders blocking those 2 policies, siding by him on the travel ban & opposing him on the Dreamers.
Trump’s immigration policies – too including actions taken against states & cities which protect illegal immigrants, intensified deportation efforts & limits on legal immigration – have been between his generality contentious.
“Right now, the travel ban is saving families apart.

Trump’s travel ban faces America Supreme Court showdown

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