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Airline going to pay you $4,500 a 30 days to travel around the world

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(WTHR) — WOW Airlines is offering candidates the job of a lifetime.
The airline is looking for a “travel guide,” according to WCNC.
The man chosen for the job going to must move to Reykjavik, Iceland.
WOW Air going to pay $4,550 a 30 days per man for you to live in different cities When you document your journey on social media.
To apply for the job, visit WOW Travel proof & fill out an application.

This airline going to pay you $4,000 a 30 days to travel the world for toll free by your BFF

Flights, hotels, travel activities & home foundation accommodation in downtown Reykjavik going to all be paid for with WOW air.
In addition, WOW air tells CNBC Make It it going to pay each proof a every 30 days stipend of approximately $4,000 per person.
To apply, would-be globe trotters who are at least 18 years old & speak English have to make a two-minutes-or-less travel vidimus about their hometown & upload it to the WOW air Travel proof website.
“The expectations are high,” Wow air said in a written statement about the contest.
“This going to likely be the biggest marketing campaign WOW air has launched.”

As it stated in (WHDH) – A European airline is hiring 1 lucky man to travel around the world… for $4,500 a month!
WOW Airlines is looking for a “Travel Guide” for the dream job.
The lucky winner going to too full a full digital travel proof for each destination.
The sale carrier said the job pays $4,550 a 30 days per man to spend on all the sights, When the airline pays for airfare & lodging.
Interested applicants ought visit WOW Airlines’ website to fill out an online application & submit a short travel proof vidimus (up to two minutes long) of your hometown.

Airline going to pay 1 lucky man $4,500 a 30 days to travel around the world

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