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Let’s know about kinds of Tourism and traveling

kinds of Tourism


Before any challenge you should to sit and think for facing the challenge ,

as the traveling to the world you have to prepare the way to become the trip better.

Tourism is always like a trip.

Nowadays we think to travel and see more in other country .

Tourism is an industry ,it competitive and dynamic depend on customer in

needs and desires .

Types of tourism:

1-outbound tourism

Outbound tourism is the activities of resident to travel to or stay in place

outside their country .

2-inbound tourism:

Inbound tourism is traveling to the place in the same of country .

it consider the cheapest .

3-adventure tourism

Tourism requires the tourist to take a risk and have a brave heart,

it include difficult activities ,example scuba driving,rock climbing and zip

lining .

4-business tourism

Business tourism is traveling to another country to attend the conference

and meeting to their jobs.

5-food tourism

Food tourism involves have a new experience in tasting the traditional food

to other city or country.

the most famous country in food tourism (Italy and france ).

6-cultural tourism

Cultural tourism support the culture and the general concept depend on

history ,geographic ,

life style of people traditional ,religions ,festivals and architecture .


Ecotourism involve to visit the farm and landscape .

8-medical tourism

Medical tourism is the aim of therapy ,the most famous country with medical

tourism (united arab emirates and turkey .

9-religious tourism

Religious tourism involve visiting the temple ,

church and mosque and seek the god through the journey.

10-slum tourism

Slum tourism encourage the tourist to visit the city and town (local country )

11-sport tourism

Sport tourism involve to travel the country and participate in sport such as

football and tennis .

12-war tourism

War tourism involve in visiting the tourists at military site .

Benefit of tourism


The best benefit of tourism to create skill with another people from another


and learning the ways to talk different languages and different culture .

Standard of living

The country which have a tourism interested in a high advantages because

the people deal with difficult currency so increasing standard of living .

Keep the culture

When the tourist visit the culture place

.the people knows more information about their country.

Develop infrasturcture

The country gives a lot of money to fix the roads to help the tourist

to become happier and more satisfaction.

Tourism and traveling depend on some rules to gain the best trip.

1-have a goal

Some trips did not have clear goal so the trip become a messy .

you have to take a map and chart put in it the importance of trip and the goals .

2-write the notes

I think the writing is method of remembering .

when you are going to your trip take one pen an one note book to write .

3-take a camera

The photos confirm the event ,while you are remembering the trip

you will watch the life .

4-use language

To deal with different people .

5-aim to enjoy

The trip leads to enjoy not impress .

we try to come from the trip more refreshment and pleasure.

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