Cultural tourism

5 famous cultural cities in the world

Famous cultural cities in the world are Dubai,Mardrid and toronto and other
Travel4all discuss about best sites of religious tourism and medical tourism in India 
We will talk about famous cultural cities in the world

Famous cultural cities in the world


Dubai is one of the famous city in cultural tourism
Also dubai explains The splendor of architecture
And the extravagant resorts and hotels
Dubai considers one of the future cities
It becomes famous in technology and architecture
In Dubai there are many tourist attractions such as BURJ KAALIFA,The Ferrari Museum and waterpark
Also there are many activities to do there
As desert safari,Dubai Mall and cruise the Dubai Creek


Above all Madrid is the capital of spain
There is a great culture in Madrid
The best culture is artistic and architectural masterpieces
Madrid enhances the delicious food and fine arts
The streets became more crowded during the nights
There are many tourist attractions such as plaza mayor,museo nacional del prado and buen retiro park
Also there are many activities to do in Madrid like visit the temple of debod,shopping and discover the almudena cathedral


There are a lot of difference languages
It is one of best example of cultural tourism
It spreads hospitality for all countries
In winter Toronto are known with freezing
Also there are many tourist attraction in Toronto such as lake Ontario, royal Ontario museum and casa Loma
And many activities as discover the Canada’s wonderland, visit the Toronto island and shopping


It is one of the famous city of cultural tourism
There are an iconic temples, delicious cuisine and bars
Also the culture tourism spread in Bangkok more than any city in the world
And there are a modern architecture, beaches and arts
Also the temple land has popular amidst the honeymooners
And the best places are phi phi island,pattaya and railay beach and other
Also many activities do in Bangkok
As island hopping at phi phi islands, diving and snorkeling

5-A Rome

Firstly it is known as the eternal city
There are many cultural heritage in this city
Such as old colosseum, roman forum and piazza venezia
Roma considers the most romantic destination of the world
Also best tourist attractions is colosseum, roman forum and pantheon
And many activities you can do in Rome
Such as shopping, discoverthe piazza navona and go to the museum of castel sant’Angelo


The world is famous for many cities that are interested in cultural tourism and we have published the most important




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