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9 Best destinations in Paris 2019

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Best destinations in Paris


Paris is the capital city of France and important for more than 2000 years
It also named the city of love
There Paris can lead the world for business, fashion, entertainment and culture
Also there are famous landmarks such as museums and cathedrals
Paris considered the capital of fashion
The famous designer is there like Yves, Saint Laurent lancome , l’oreal and Dior


Best destinations in Paris
Best destinations in Paris

It was a church dedicated to St.Genevieve
He considers the patron saint of Paris
Then king Louis XV rebuilt the church in the neoclassical style
He rebuilt the church in order to thank God for his recovery from illness
Then it used to a mausoleum during the French revolution for honoring revolutionary martyrs
There are a famous people buried in this place as Voltaire, victor Hugo and Marie curie

2-Disneyland Paris

Disneyland has given more entertainment for any visitors
You can enjoy with spectacular rides and take a tour in shopping
It has a resort with huge hotels
In 1992 it became the second Disney park in the world
Also it is located about 30 km from central Paris
Finally it opened a companion park in 2002 that called Disney studios Park

3-Palais Garnier

Best destinations in Paris
Best destinations in Paris

Charles Garnier designed the palace in the 19th century
In this time the palace became the most expensive and including 2000 seating
Also palace considered home to the national Opera of Paris
The Palais Garnier is still using today for ballet
Also it is home to the Opera library museum

4-Seine cruise

This Seine gives the visitor more relaxation
The river seine located nearly 800 km miles through France
It considers one of the best romantic things can do
Trips pass under numbers of bridges in Paris
You can see the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Eiffel tower
You spend an hour through cruise
Also you encourage to experience at night

5-Musee Rodin

Best destinations in Paris
Best destinations in Paris

It is established in 1919 and the hotel biron in central Paris
Visitors can see copies of the famous sculpture
Such as Auguste Rodin that belong to 20th century French artist
It includes 6600 other sculptures
You can see gardens surrounding the museum


It is one of the famous landmarks in Paris
Also it is located of the highest point on Montmartre hill
It features the striking white domed basilica
And marble architecture and gorgeous interior
also visitors can view the gold mosaics

7-Eiffel Tower

It considers the famous symbol in Paris
Towering more than 1000 feet high in the champ de Mars Park
It made of iron for the 1889 world exposition
You can take a camera to capture the Eiffel Tower in day and nights
Guests will ride the elevator to see amazing views of the city


It is one of the famous visited in the world
It is located in the Louvre Palace
Also it includes signatures glass pyramids marking
It involves more than 1 million objects
The art works there is MONA LISA, DYING SLAVE and VENUS of MILO
Also including the ancient code of Hammurbai and Egyptian antiques and painting

9-Notre Dame de Paris

Best destinations in Paris
Best destinations in Paris

When you visit Paris city, you have to see this place
It is a famous place stands more than 400 feet high with two lofty towers and a spire
The amazing church is belong to gothic architecture
Also you can see admire the awe inspiring rose windows and beautiful sculptures and collection of relics




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