Ancient Egypt

King Tut’s Golden Treasures, Egypt

King Tut’s Treasures from King Tut’s Tomb, a clip from “King Tut, Ramses and Me”, a free Intrepid Berkeley Explorer video of time travel in

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More Ancient Egypt

What are pyramids?

The pyramids are the stone tombs of Egypt’s kings – the Pharaohs and one of the world’s greatest historical mysteries. They have stood for thousands

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Short Film :Secrets from Ancient Egypt

Watch incredible things not seen on TV! My documentary is about a visit to the ancient sites with Emmy award winner and symbolist expert John West. I promise, you've never ...


EGYPT OLD KINGDOMThe Old Kingdom of ancient Egypt is generally described as the period from the Third Dynasty through to the Sixth Dynasty (2686 BC-2181 BC), although there is still ...

King Tut : Tut ankh amun’s

 Tut ankh amun's  Treasures of King Tut - Tutankhamun's Jewellery and the Love of a Queen King Tut - The Boy King's Treasures Dr Zahi Hawass talks about some of his favourite ...

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