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about Science Museum, London

about Science Museum, London

Science Museum, London – Interactive 3D Projection

hosted by Sensodyne Repair & Protect, where the public are able to damage the Science Museum, London through hitting a punch bag set up in front of it. The harder they hit it, the more damage they do!

history Science Museum

A museum was founded in 1857 under Bennet Woodcroft from the collection of the Royal Society of Arts and surplus items from the Great Exhibition as part of the South Kensington Museum, together with what is now the Victoria and Albert Museum. It included a collection of machinery which became the Museum of Patents in 1858, and the Patent Office Museum in 1863. This collection contained many of the most famous exhibits of what is now the Science Museum. In 1883, the contents of the Patent Office Museum were transferred to the South Kensington Museum. In 1885, the Science Collections were renamed the Science Museum and in 1893 a separate director was appointed. The Art Collections were renamed the Art Museum, which eventually became the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Robotville at The Science Museum

Robotville Festival at the Science Museum welcomes over 20 robots from Europe and the UK, celebrating European robotics culture and advances in robotics design and technology.

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