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Al Fahidi Fort , dubai , tourism in dubai

Al Fahidi Fort ,,,

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History of Al Fahidi Fort:


Located within the heart of the metropolis town, Al Fahidi Fort is one in every of the foremost vital historical monuments in metropolis. in-built the year 1799, this impressive Fort is believed to be the oldest field masterpiece in metropolis. Al Fahidi Fort was designed with AN aim to defend metropolis just in case of attacks from the ocean. Major enlargement work was carried in decade – decennary underneath the rule currently tribal sheikh Maktoum Bin Buti.

Dubai Museum:


The Fort was reborn into a noted deposit splendidly referred to as ‘Dubai Museum’ within the year 1970. The deposit is one among the best attractions for tourists visiting city. It displays a fashionable assortment of objects showcasing the cultural richness of the region within the past.

You can witness virtually everything of fascinating Arab starting from Arabian sailing boats to recent weapons and pearl-diving outfits to a formidable vary of military artifacts. The deposit homes vibrant life size dioramas, sets of pearl, merchants eights and scales and plenty of a lot of, give a deep insight into the recent Arabian life-style. the foremost impressing and wonderful exhibit at the deposit could be a three,000- 4,000 years recent complete grave from the Al-Qusais archaeologic website.

tourism in Al Fahidi Fort , dubai :


A entrepot of artifacts that displays aluminous things, stone things, pottery ware, stone inscriptions and skeletons discovered within the archaeologic ruins of port – primarily from Hatta, Al Soffoh, Al Qusais and Al Jumeriah. fascinating facts and data regarding general fashion of port, trade and commerce and wealthy bridal ware and jewelery are often gained by visiting the Al Fahidi Fort. Since Pearl Diving was rife in earlier port, a set of weights, sieves and scales utilized by pearl merchants is additionally on show.


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