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Åland is an autonomous area in the Baltic Sea, a part of Finland in Europe


Åland is AN autonomous space within the Baltic, consisting of 1 main island and a encompassing earth. whereas de jure a region of Suomi, in observe the islands run their own affairs and ar rather totally different from the land.


The Åland Islands (pronounced “Oh-lahnd”) ar a bunch of little islands formally happiness to {finland|Finland|Republic of Suomi|Suomi|European country|European nation} however awarded a good degree of autonomy by a League of countries call in 1921 that settled a long-running dispute between Sverige and Finland.

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Still at the time once Åland was underneath Russian sovereignty, a written agreement was over between Russia, France and therefore the uk at the problem of the Crimean War, by virtue of that the islands were demilitarized.

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Finland assumed a similar obligation upon achieving independence. Among different things, Ålanders have their own parliament, publish their own stamps, ar exempt from military service and maintain a special tax standing within the EU.

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The earth consists of around eighty populated islands and around 6000 uninhabited islands, islets and rocks. the full population is barely twenty six,530 (2004), ninetieth of that lives on the most island Åland (also called Fasta (Mainland) Åland), which has the capital Mariehamn.

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