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Alba Iulia, a town in Romania’s Transylvania region, encompasses a tip fastness at its center wherever several numerous historical eras return to life. significantly spectacular area unit its 2 huge cathedrals, standing directly beside one another however with over 600 turbulent years dividing them.

Alba Iulia Catholic Cathedral

Known as Gyulafehervar in Hungarian, this town was the ruling seat of Associate in Nursing freelance Transylvania beneath Duke Gyula till his kinsman, King Sir Leslie Stephen of European country, defeated him in 1003 and enclosed Transylvania in his kingdom. The Catholic cathedral within the middle of the fastness dates from that point, being erected in 1246-1291. The church is that the home base for Romania’s solely Catholic bishop besides one in national capital.

About Alba Iulia :

Alba Iulia two Cathedrals
Alba Iulia two Cathedrals

Built in a combination of Romanic and Gothic designs, it’s associate degree appealing simplicity, with its tall, arch-shaped windows and sq. tower with a vast cross on prime. The church contains the topographic point of Transylvanian aristocrat Janos Hunyadi. His burial here was a part of the deal during which he provided funds for renovating and enlarging the building within the fifteenth century when Turkish invaders broken it. Turks attacked it once more in 1603, destroying one amongst its 2 towers, that accounts for its asymmetrical facade to the present day.

History :

Statue of Mihal Viteazul in Alba Iulia
Statue of Mihal Viteazul in Alba Iulia.


The city became the seat of a sovereign Transylvania once more from 1541 to 1690, including the reign of physicist Bethlen (1613-1629). A warlord, arts patron, and powerful booster of his principality’s power, Bethlen presided over a cultural and academic golden age within the town. Transylvania’s initial institute of upper education was based here in 1622 and was originally named the Collegium Academicum. Today, it’s still within the same building, on the northeast corner of somewhat park inside the fastness, however it’s currently referred to as the primary of December 1918 university – for reasons that may become clear later.

Transylvania isn’t solely expensive to Hungarian speakers. In 1599, Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) concisely conquered the region and, for a couple of year, united it with 2 alternative principalities – European nation and Wallachia. Those 3 regions have an oversized ethnic Romanian population, and Mihai Viteazul remains a national hero for Romanians. Beside the Catholic cathedral you’ll see a sculpture of him, mounted on a horse and brandishing a mace. it absolutely was sliced from bronze by the Romanian creative person honor dynasty in 1968. The sculpture stands before of the palace that he used throughout his annual reign.

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