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Characteristic of Islamic design evident within the buildings minors; victimisation ornamental parts skinny in organizations geometric Kzacharv carpet, writing verses and supplications, and even some praise and descriptions of systems poets son Zmrk, encircled by decorations of painted plaster coating the walls, tiles ceramic ware coloured patternedEngineering, that covers the lower components of the walls.


Alhambra is AN ancient palace and defence designed by King Amazigh Badis mountain Ahbus within the Kingdom of urban center throughout the half of the tenth century AD. it’s one amongst the foremost vital traveller attractions in Kingdom of Spain and is found 267 miles (430 kilometers) south of capital of Spain. qualitative analysis the start of construction of the palace to the fourth century AH, adore the tenth century AD, and a few of its components because of the seventh century AH, adore the third century AD.

Overview :



Plateau on the Latin Quarter of the stream Hadra wherever the palace extended from WNW to compass point over a vicinity of 142,000 sq. meters dimensions of 740 meters (2430 feet) long to 205 meters (674 feet) at its widest purpose. Of the highlights of “red rod,” a impregnable defense occupies an area of the upland, and also the remainder of the upland is encircled by a fence comparatively weaker with the presence of 13 every tower for defensive functions.

Adjacent to the high red; the Generalife, a garden is Nasrid kings, and contain suites and corridors encircled by stunning gardens moire by water channels and fountains.

History of Alhambra:


The start wasn’t the fortress solely a part of town of red or “rod red”, which has the governor’s mansion and therefore the castle to shield it. The role of the minister and buildings footnote grow with time even become a fortified base possession.
When he took the leader Amazigh Badis mount Ahbus rule city, when the emergence of communities at the start of the fifth century AH, established Seurat impregnable on the highland on that the “castle” red, and engineered within the wall palace or center government, and referred to as the castle “stalk red”, and have become fortress may be a half, and have become a crucial fastness of city.
Red took Mahomet bin Nasrid focused within the quarter in 635 AH / 1238 AD and established at intervals the fortified walls of his palace and brought by the bottom of his own. and produce him water from the stream Hadra. Established around many towers impregnable.
In the late seventh century, established the Mahomet bin Mahomet bin Red principally God second sultans of city new fort buildings and therefore the royal palace, and so established his son (Mohammed) within the section of the palace place of worship has replaced later (Church Santamaria
“Inscriptions on one in every of the walls”
Been completed off the top of the Muslim rule Andalusia at the hands of Yusuf I (1333-1353) (733-754) AH ruler Mahomet V city (1353-1391) AD (754-792) AH with a chance between the years 760 and 763 to require off throughout that from power, then came to that once more to start out the second part of his most vital developments, and writes most of the poems square measure lost palace.

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