Best 11 museums in the world

Museums in the world are Sources of attraction
Tourists come from around the world to see the antiquities and artifacts in the country
We will talk about best museums in the world

 museums in the world

1-the art museum

firstly this museum is located in an old railway station in the Seine
and It has the art of impressionism and post impressionism
This art museum has won awards from tripadvisor
also It conducted a review and inventory system based on the quantity and quality of reviews and classifications over a period of 12 months

2-musee d’orsay

above all, This exhibition is located in a railway station
It  built for the World Exposition in 1900
The art of my impression includes the work of artists Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet and Auguste Neuer

3-the National 9/11 Museum and Memorial – New York City

This museum is a collection that reflects the monument of September 11
In central New York, the powerful museum celebrates the people who died in the terrorist attacks of that date
The museum also tells the story of the attacks through displays, archives and artifacts
In the runway he gathers the names of those who have died in the attack and there are reservations in advance

4-the British museum,London

firstly, This museum is one of the best museums there and was founded in 1753
It considered the best public museum in the world
Contains a lot of antiquities, manuscripts, books and some outstanding pieces such as Rosetta Stone

5-prado national museum,Madrid

This exhibition, which is located in Madrid, Spain, has the best paintings for the best artists such as Goya

6-acropolis museum,Athens

Acropolis museum is located in Athens
It includes artifacts from Greece bronze age to roman and byzantine arts

7-louvre museum,Paris

It is one of the largest Paris museums to see all its arts that take years
and His most famous paintings are Mona Lisa
And a variety of other Italian Renaissance arts

8-national wwll museum,new Orleans

This magnificent museum is made of glass and concrete
You discover the American experience of the Second World War and the participation of an American in it
Inside the exhibition is a four-dimensional film
As well as war planes and fairs that study the US contribution to the Second World War

9-national museum of anthropology,mexico city

firstly.The National Museum there contains artifacts and important anthropological monuments of ancient heritage in Mexico
Which dates back to before Columbus
also The statues are also distinctive there
and It is considered one of the best museums in Mexico

10-war remnants museum,Ho Chi Minh city

firstly, This museum is located in Vietnam
It contains everything about the Vietnam War
Through pictures and objects dating back to the war
And some of the things that the French brought to Vietnam

11-the whitny museum of American art

firstly It is considered the tallest building in Europe and there is a gradual exterior design beside the museum
You will find collections of contemporary American art of the 20th and 21st centuries
finally It is composed of floors with some terraces and the best of the 3000 artists





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