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Best 6 ecotourism destinations in the world


Ecotourism destinations in the world spread for giving you more safety and pleasure
Travel4all discussed about the importance of ecotourism and types of tourism

We will talk about best destinations in ecotourism

Ecotourism destinations in the world

1-New Zealand

The weather is warm in February
There are a beautiful nature and more activities there
Also you can do a tour of fiordland’s milford sound
Also you can watch whale in kaikoura
And visiting a kiwi at zealandia
Also you can watch the seals sunbathing


If you want belonging for an eco-friendly vacation
You have to go costa rica
There are a beautiful beaches, volcanoes and biodiversity
This country provides cloud forest and rainforest
also costa rica has hotels and resorts throughout the country
it includes organic food, landscape and flowers
you can visit the thermal hot springs
the best weather to visit there mid December and april


It is one of the best destinations for ecotourism
This island is located in Ecuador
It is a dream for every traveler
Also there are a discovery trips
And Galapagos archipelago is very beautiful and unique
Also it was considered the first unesco world heritage site


It is located in Indonesia and most bio diverse places in the world
There are also gunung leuser national park
It is the second biggest concentration of orangutan
In addition many other endangered species such as Sumatran tiger and rhinoceros
You can do some activities as trekking,tree planting and water rafting


There are many beaches there
It features turquoise blue water and white sand beaches
It is the best tourist destinations in the Caribbean
You can go rafting on the Martha brae or relaxing on beaches
Also discovering biggest wetland ecosystem in black river


An island escape at bocas del is one of the best ecotourism destinations
You can make more activities such as sailing and snorkeling
There are also la loma jungle lodge
It includes a wonderful chocolate plantation with amazing wooden tree
This farm presents exciting food selections


The best time to visit the Philippines is april and may
This place help you to find ecotourism destinations in bicol region
You can make some activities such as kayaking , camping and trekking
Also there are a tour for shark watching




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