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Best things in Aswan you must to do it

We will talk about best things in Aswan to enjoy your trips
Travel4all was discussed the temple of Karnak in Luxor and grand Egyptian museum in Egypt

Best things in Aswan

1-Nubia Museum

It is the best museum in Aswan opposite Basma Hotel
It shows the history, art and culture of Nubia
And It is built in 1997 in cooperation with Unesco
Also it considers an important landmark in Aswan

2-Aswan Botanical Gardens

It is located west of Elephantine Island
Also including beautiful palms and plants
It is a stunning part of Aswan
The gardens are filled with birds such as hundreds of species of flora
Also the trees give us a beautiful sight especially before sunset
We advise avoiding Fridays because the place is filled families

3-Ruin of Abu

It is located in Elephantine island’s southern tip
Also it came back long history from around 3000 BC to the 14th century AD
There are many temples but the largest structure on site is the partially reconstructed temple of Khnum
It is established in honor of the god of inundation through the old kingdom
They used for more than 1500 year and rebuilt in Ptolemaic

4-Unfinised Obelisk

Aswan has important source of ancient Egypt’s finest granite
In the past used to make statues and embellish and pyramids
There are numbers of obelisks such as the large unfinished obelisk in the northern Quarries
Also there are ancient pictographs of dolphins and ostriches

5-Panorama Restaurant& Bar

The Panorama restaurant is one of the famous restaurants in Aswan
There is delicious food and the room is elegant
Also crews are friendly and efficient
And you can see the river and the desert into restaurant
The sight is wonderful at sunset and night
And the menu is offered mezze, tagines , kebab, red sea fish
And Italian dishes
You can drink many types of wine list

6-Tombs of the Nobles

It is known honeycombed with the tombs of the governors
Also called the tombs of the nobles
In 2014 they discovered Decorative tombs are open to the public

7-Elephantine Island

It is located the southern and consist the site of ancient Abu
There are two villages in Nubian such as siou and koti
It makes a surprising counterpoint to the bustle of the city
Also it has a big important for the military and commercial expedition in Nubia
During the 6th dynasty took its strength as a political and economic
This island was the main place for worship

8-Nubian Beach

This is a café restaurant and excellent view
It has a quiet garden on the west bank of the Nile
Also you can enjoy beautifully painted indoor room
Finally we advise to visit Aswan




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