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Best tourist attractions in the USA

Tourist attractions in the USA are various
USA is the biggest countries in the world and it includes wonderful destinations such as skyscrapers of New York
The natural of yellow stone and Alaska to sunny beaches
We will offer you the best tourist attractions in the USA

Tourist attractions in the USA

1-Mount Rushmore

It Is a famous destination in the USA
And It considers a national memorial located in Dakota
It constructed from four former American presidents
Every one of this face is carved and blasted
It is an important area of tourist attractions

2-Venice beach in Los Angeles

You have to go the Venice beach
The biggest hit is in the Venice beach board walk
We can see the street performances juggles,dance and sing
Also buy the souvenirs and try a refreshing drink

3-Mesa verde

It is a national park and preserved homes for the ancestral pueblo people
The house is direct carved from caves and rocks
It is possible to walk the overhanging
It includes 40 rooms by ladders
There are also cliff palace reach by ladder

4-Kennedy space center

Canaveral located on the coast of florida
In USA there are many tourist attractions related to the space center
It was a launch site for every USA human space since 1968
It runs as a launch site for unmanned rocket
And the visitors can learn more about space
Also can experience the excitement over the rush to the moon

5-it is a huge pier in the chicago’s coastal

It is a many tourist attractions for four whole family
And beautiful gardens are available for scenic stroll
It includes a lot of snag gifts a vacation
The pier considers a home for Chicago museum for kids
Also includes a theaters and restaurants

6-River walk in San Antoine

It is named by paseo del rio
Also It includes network of walkway lining the San Antoino river
It packed with wonderful architecture and water view
And many restaurants for discover the dinning and French fare

7-Walt Disney in Orlando

It is a leisure park and no place like a wall diseny in the world
And it includes a magic kingdom and Hollywood studios
Also animal kingdom
You can see watch broad way quality shows
And the cuisine shopping

8-white house in Washington D.C

It located in Washington and it is an official residence and office of the president
It was built in 1792 and 1800
After the 11 September attacks,visitors have become more difficult go to the white house
You must demand in advance through your members of congress


It is the recent of series of volcanos
It created the Hawaiian acrchipelago
The volcanoes is different between in profile from the high and sharply sloping peak of stratovolcanoes
The volcanologists consider is very important






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