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Cairo airport transfer and best price

Cairo airport transfer is one of the topics to be discussed
When traveling from Cairo to move there
Cairo International Airport is the second largest airport in Africa

Cairo airport transfer 

and Inside Cairo airport there are four stations
There is only one station that opens the time of Hajj for Muslims
There is one station located three kilometers from the other two stations
Cairo airport transfer between building By free shuttle
It is better for tourists not to travel by bus to the high congestion and we have to move three hours ago
Whether you are in Alexandria or any other city

How to get from Cairo Airport to Cairo City Center?

There are many buses that will reach you, but the best for foreign buses equipped with air conditioning
Buses operate every half hour from 7 am to 23 pm
Buses pass every half hour to popular areas inside Cairo, Giza, Heliopolis and Nasr City
There are also taxis waiting to be served near the station
Whether by telephone or telephone

There is also a terminal at the airport that will be opened in October
Taxi service can be taken immediately or by application and it is difficult to exclude traffic jams
You will pay for the time spent due to overcrowding and also the taxi driver can easily transport the passenger
You can divide the price evenly if you ride in kiwi taxi
It is best to know the route and show the destination on the map until you reach the desired location
There is a strange extra fee such as playing music or raising windows that is not taken for free either

Disadvantages of private transport

The price for private transportation is higher than public transport
When you move from the airport to the city it will cost you 4.30 dollars
When traveling from Cairo airport to the hotel it will cost you 21 dollars
If you travel from Cairo airport to the bus or shuttle you need to learn some Arabic characters
Also Kiwi Taxi takes you from the airport immediately because it is hard to find a bus in the airport area
One of the advantages of Kiwi Taxi is that it takes full right to serve it without any increase

Cairo airport transfer

Cairo airport transfer with Egypt taxi transfer will help you reach your goal in less time
The price is €18.00

Private transfer from Cairo to Ain Sukhna


You will enjoy the trip with us and the price will be fantastic at the distance of the trip
you will just pay €80

private transfer from Cairo to Gouna

This trip is priced €150
This price can not be found elsewhere
It is possible to take your trip one way or return transfer from Cairo
We will promise you that you will find the organized flight at the cheapest price

Private transfer from Cairo to Luxor


We recommend you visit Luxor and go with Egypt taxi transfer on our trip at the lowest cost
The price is €330
The trip is organized for your pleasure

Private transfer from Cairo to Alexandra

You have to visit Alexandria, the wonderful atmosphere and the pure sea there will bring you peace
I will travel to Alexandria and the price is €80

Private transfer from Cairo to Dahab

You will go to Dahab and enjoy to your trip at the cheapest prices €155


Private transfer from Cairo to Alamain

The price is €150 and you will see Beauty of the city there
On an organized flight from Cairo, she travels there without worry

Private transfer from Cairo to Fayoum

The trip is very cheap out there
The price is €80

Private transfer from Cairo to Hurghada

also Enjoy your journey into a beautiful tourist city atmosphere
Hurghada is one of the cities to go through all year round. The weather is mild and the environment is clean

Private transfer from Cairo to Marsa Alam

firstly You will find an organized and enjoyable trip at the lowest prices
The price is €320
It is considered a wonderful city in terms of baroque and tranquility not forgetting its visit

Private transfer from Cairo to Marsa Matrouh

This city has a great fame in Egypt
It is one of the coastal cities overlooking the Mediterranean Sea
You have to go there
The price is €160

Private transfer from Cairo to Sharm el Sheikh

above all It is one of the most famous tourist places to attract tourists
and Do not forget to visit it
also The price is €150
Many of the other trip from Cairo to the cities of Egypt as a whole




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