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Ancient Egypt was acivilization of ancient egyptian concentrated along the lower reaches of the Nile Rever  in what is now the modern country of Egypt It is one of six civilization  to arise independently. Egyptian civilization followed prehistoric Egypt  and coalesced around 3150 BC (according toconventional Egyptian chronology with the political unification of upper and lower Egypt under the first pharoah Narmer  (commonly referred to as Menes). Thehistory of ancient Egypt  occurred in a series of stable Kingdoms

The Great Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza are among the most recognizable symbols of the civilization of ancient Egypt.

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Best things in Aswan you must to do it

Best things in Aswan

We will talk about best things in Aswan to enjoy your trips Travel4all was discussed the temple of Karnak in Luxor and grand Egyptian museum in Egypt Best things in Aswan 1-Nubia Museum It is the best museum in Aswan opposite Basma Hotel It shows the history, art and culture …

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Exploring the temples of Karnak in Luxor

the temples of Karnak in Luxor

  The temples of Karnak in luxor are one of the ancient Egypt We will talk about temples of Karnak in Luxor the temples of Karnak in Luxor   1-avenue of sphinxes There are a grand procession way and flanked on both sides by r5am headed sphinxes And ancient Egyptian …

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Christmas vacation in Egypt 2020

Christmas vacation in Egypt

Christmas vacation in Egypt that is of great importance and attract tourists In general, tourism in Egypt has no competition for foreigners, especially in times of events such as Christmas Egypt comes to tourists from the world to see ancient tombs and temples that belong to the great pharaohs It …

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The Grand Egyptian museum in Egypt

Grand Egyptian museum

Grand Egyptian museum Is one of the museums expected to open soon The museum is located west of Cairo near the pyramids of Giza Firstly, The aim of the construction of the Great Egyptian Museum is to be one of the largest museums ever and The museum was built to …

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Let’s know about Abu simbel sun festival

Abu simbel sun festival

Abu simbel sun festival  considers the oldest Egyptian festivals Ancient Egypt had many festivals across cities and other holy waters Festivals were also associated with important agricultural events in the solar year And also some festivals that worship the God, kings and rulers Abu Simbel Festival is working so far …

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Ancient Egyptian technology,medicine In a relatively high standard of productivity and sophistication

Ancient Egyptian technology In technology, drugs and arithmetic, ancient Egypt achieved a comparatively high commonplace of productivity and class. ancient empiricism, as proved by the male monarch Smith and Ebers papyri (c. 1600 BC), is initial attributable to Egypt. The Egyptians created their own alphabet and decimal numeration system. technology …

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Nubian , egypt ,ancient egy , sudan , travel

sNubians or Nuba tribes inhabit the world in northern Sudan and southern Egypt. The Khoi natural depression,south of the Third Cataract is that the previous Basin of the river a length of regarding 123 metric linear unit to the east of the present course of the river. Since the fourth …

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River Nile , egypt , nile

River Nile,,, Located in northeast Africa, the Nile is that the lifeblood and also the backbone of the presence of Egyptian culture, as a result of while not it, Egypt are simply a continuation wasteless of the Sahara. during this article, i will be able to make a case for …

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The Lateran Obelisk , egyption , ancient

The Lateran Obelisk ,, The sheer size of this one piece of granite, still awe-inspiring these days and is that the longest living ancient Egyptian obelisk in anyplace within the world these days. There area unit twenty seven outside, standing Egyptian obelisks within the world these days. solely half dozen …

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Government when the ancient Egyptians,egypt

Government when the ancient Egyptians,,, Ancient Egypt was separate into many various districts referred to as sepats. the primary divisions were created throughout the Predynastic amount, but then, they were tiny city-states that dominated themselves. once the primary ruler came to power, the sepats remained and were very like the …

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