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Asia- travel and airport information 

Air travel in Asia  provides to visitors all information about  travel agency ,hotel ,passengers and airports

also offers live broadcast of theAsiaTravel channels

Taken while flying from Osaka to Tokyo.
Asia travel is a pan-Asia online hotel and travel agency. It is supported by a network of operation and customer services offices inSingapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong,China and UAE. It has transformed itself from a niche hotel reservation service provider to a total hotel and travel reservation service provider. Providing three services on flights, tours and hotels, first of its kind in Asia. The company offers discounted airfares for all major airlines, which can be booked on an instant confirmation basis.


Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent, encompassing China and India, the world’s two largest countries population-wise. Well over 4 billion of the world’s 7 billion people live in Asia and most of the fastest growing countries and cities can be found here.

From the vast frozen stretches of Siberia to the steamy jungles ofBorneo and the dramatic peaks of the Himalayas in the northern part of the Indian sub-continent or the vast deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, Asia is a diverse region that defies categorisation. Modern cities like Tokyo, Shanghai and Singapore herald a growingly urban landscape, but this move towards modernisation is negotiated with the desire to maintain cultural tradition.

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Trip to Macau

China - Macau

Tourism in Macau Photo & Video of Macau Sites and Links of Macau Tourism in Macau is a tower located in the former Portuguese colony of Macau, now a Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. The tower measures 338 m (1,109 ft) in height from ground level …

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Trip to Bahrain

Bahrain wtc

Tourism in Bahrain Photo & Video of Bahrain Sites and Links of Bahrain   Tourism in Bahrain receives two million tourists a year. Most visitors are from Arab states of the Persian Gulfbut there are an increasing number of tourists from outside the region. The Lonely Planet guide describes Bahrain …

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Trip to Bethlehem


Tourism in Bethlehem Photo of  Bethlehem Video of  Bethlehem Sites and Links of  Bethlehem   Tourism in Bethlehem Tourism is Bethlehem’s main industry and unlike other Palestinian localities before 2000, the majority of the working residents did not work in Israel. Over 25% of the working population was employed directly …

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Trip to Haifa

Palestine Haifa

Tourism in Haifa Photo of Haifa Video of Haifa Sites and Links of Haifa   Tourism in Haifa In 2005, Haifa had 13 hotels with a total of 1,462 rooms. The city has 17 kilometres (11 mi) of beaches, 5 kilometres (3 mi).Haifa’s main tourist attraction is the Bahá’í World Centre, with …

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Trip to North Korea

Travelling in North Korea

Tourism in North Korea Photo & Video of North Korea Sites and Links of North Korea Tourism in North Korea is highly controlled by the government, and as such it is not a frequently visited destination — roughly 1,500 Western tourists visit North Korea each year, along with thousands of …

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Trip to Gaza

Gaza city

Tourism in Gaza Photo of Gaza Video of Gaza Sites and Links of Gaza   Tourism in Gaza The climate of the Gaza Strip (an average temperature of 26°C in August) and its 75 km of coastline make it ideal in principle for foreign tourism, which could provide a basis …

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Trip to Dome of the Rock

Dome of the rock and qanatir large

Today our website offers youSee the World Subject from Dome of the Rock and witness the videos and photos   The Dome of the Rock History of Dome of the Rock Dome of the Rock tourism videos Dome of the Rock tourism photos     The Dome of the Rock Shrine is …

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He video, photos, the most important topics in the world tourism travel republic


About travel republic Images of travel republic Video on travel republic Links for travel republic About travel republic Online UK travel reservation website helping consumers find deals on flights, hotels, and rental cars , travel republic Images of travel republic Video on travel republic TravelRepublic’s first ever TV advert! httpV:// …

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