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CERA uses thousands on-staff vacation


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travel alerts dont mean people are under threat

‘travel warnings don’t mean citizens are under threat’
travel alerts


# terroralert alerts mean people that are dont are under affairs division claims the response should assures south africans us terrorismlocal, from government.terrorist attack horror alert anti-terror


cera uses thousands on-staff vacation

cera spends millions on staff travel
cera spends millions on staff travel


updated 12.50pm canterburyis quake recovery expert invested over five million bucks on-staff journey both locally and globally in only five years.figures display the now-defunct organization price the citizen nearly $4.7 million on domestic journey because of its staff.greater christchurch team representative kelvan jones stated teleconferencing and videoconferencing was inspired around possiblethe price of routes between christchurch and wellington from 2011 to middle-2015 was simply under $2 thousand, and cera likewise delivered personnel on excursions all over the world, charging over $600,000.


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