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Christian Tours in the world

Christian Tours

Christians have been making pilgrimages to cities rich in religious significance for two thousand 2,000 years, building upon Judaic traditions that required the faithful to make trips to Jerusalem.

Christian tourism

Catholics in the United States can find affordable group tours to Europe through their local parishes and dioceses, or can join with like-minded travelers on itineraries prepared by travel professionals. Some tours are even fund-raisers for local parishes.It’s shaping up to be an auspicious year for Christian tourism, thanks to two infrequent religious events in Europe.

Christian Tours

A half-million people are expected to turn up in the German village of Oberammergau, about 50 miles south of Munich, to witness the Passion Play, a depiction of the life and resurrection of Jesus that is held once a decade. The five-hour play is performed in two acts, with a long intermission.

Israeli Tourism Ministry entices Christian visitors to the Holy Land

Israel’s Tourism Ministry has launched a new YouTube channel to entice Christians to visit the holy land. The channel has a number of testimonials from everyday believers, pastors, and spiritual leaders who want to share their experience.

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