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Christmas vacation in Egypt 2020

Christmas vacation in Egypt that is of great importance and attract tourists
In general, tourism in Egypt has no competition for foreigners, especially in times of events such as Christmas
Egypt comes to tourists from the world to see ancient tombs and temples that belong to the great pharaohs
It has a temperate weather that is different from any other country
And vast desert areas where various activities are carried out
the many beaches, Egypt overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and red
And the different oases of Siwa Oasis
Egypt includes all kinds of tourism, the most important of which is to come in niches to see everything that is beautiful there

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Christmas vacation in Egypt

1- Giza Pyramids

Christmas vacation in Egypt it is possible to be the most powerful trip if you visit the pyramids
The pyramids of Giza are among the most important historical areas in Egypt, which are considered the seventh wonders of the world and have been developed as a UNESCO World Heritage
Three pyramids are found in Giza, Khufu, Khafra, and Muqara’a, mostly on the western side of the Nile, and the pyramid of Khufu is one of the largest Egyptian pyramids
They built the pyramid of Khufu in 23 years and the stones made up of pyramids made of granite, basalt and limestone
The pyramids of Giza were built in the fourth family
Also there is the pyramid of Zoser from the oldest memorial buildings and the Red Pyramid in Dahshur in the year of King Sinfero, the second largest pyramids

2- Valley of the Kings in Luxor

The Valley of the Kings also named it the Great West and the Land of Antiquities
There are two regions in the western region and one in the east
The east bank has the royal tombs and the western wall, two tombs and a number of small tombs
and The history of the Valley of the Kings dates back to 1550 BC
The first Pharaonic ruler is Tuthmosis the First and the other is Ramses XI
There is the famous statue of Memnon, the monastery of Deir al-Bahari and the tomb of Tutankhamun
UNESCO has developed the Valley of the Kings from the World Heritage
A site that attracts tourists and is considered one of the first sites in Egypt attracting tourists
You can spend your vacation at the beginning of the year

3-Nile cruising

Christmas vacation in Egypt is the best
Navigating the Nile is a more comfortable way of tourism in Egypt
You can see the temples on the banks of the Nile
In Luxor and Aswan is the biggest city for attracting the tourists
Nile cruising in Aswan and Luxor is wonderful
You can watch sunset and sunrise from the banks of the Nile
As well as the magnificent sand dunes
The Temple of Temples is also the temple of Kom Ombo and the Temple of Horus

4-south Sinai

South Sinai is a major tourist attraction, with Sharm El Sheikh, the largest tourist area in Egypt
You can spend the vacation there
It is located in the best tourist hotels and mega resorts and there is also Dahab and Hurghada
Enjoy the same moderate weather throughout the year
You can do many activities from desert trips and
On the coast there is the city of Nuweiba and the city of Taba
Many huts can spend a different time

5- Alexandria

Alexandria is one of the oldest cities and was the capital of Egypt in the old
It has a great history, especially from the Greco-Roman era
The tourists come to spend their vacation there
Alexander the Great is one of its builders and is considered the bride of the Mediterranean
it has mild weather and many ancient monuments and museums
It has the largest library, the Grand Library of Alexandria
Library Which includes a large number of books
Alexandria has many beautiful parks and free water parks
You can also shop there

6-Siwa Oasis

Christmas vacation in Egypt attract many tourists
Siwa oasis is a small oasis come tourists to it whether from local or Foreigners
You can spend a calm time and see Palm farms and springs
It is located in the Western Desert and has a huge mud brick fortress
The area is considered a place of rest and tranquility
You spend a few days there and return to your home vigorously and refreshed and you can do some activities there and adventures


Egypt is a tourist country of the first class
You can visit it all year but we recommend you visit it on big occasions to see what it has to offer




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