Religious tourism

City of a thousand minarets speak for themselves it’s Cairo

Cairo  one of the pioneers of

religious tourism in the world


Castle Muhammad Ali
Castadel Muhammad Ali

Commander Muizz to open Cairo after the foundation of the Fatimid state, has the essence of Sicilian year 358 AH (969 AD) built a wall around the three cities and the name the three cities of Cairo, including Cairo, the city of Fustat, founded by Amr Ibn El-Aas year 20 AH, and the city of the military which was founded by Saleh bin Ali Abbasi year 132 AH, and the city of Alktaea founded by Ahmed ibn Tulun in 256 AH, as well as neighborhoods that have taken place after the reign of Saladin, until now.

Video Cairo tourist landmarks

The Saladin Citadel of Cairo is one of the

most popular

tourist attractions of Cairo, Egypt.

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