Cultural tourism

Cultural tourism 2019 in Istanbul

Cultural tourism 2019 includes many countries
such as Istanbul
firstly Istanbul has monuments and the main in this type of tourism
Travel4all talked about religious tourism 2019 and medical tourism
We will talk about cultural tourism 2019 in Istanbul

Cultural tourism 2019

1-Hagia Sophia museum

firstly You must visit this museum in Istanbul
This museum considers an artistic achievement
It is built by byzantine emperor in 537
Also the church was became a mosque in the 15th century
Mehmet the conqueror converted to mosque
The museum has stunning architectural with well preserved mosaics
It features thirty million gold tiles

2-Sultan ahmed mosque

Also It is known the blue tiles with its interior
And sultan ahmed is a famous character in this city
also It is built in the beginning of 17th century
It includes six minarets and eight secondary dome
also The reason for building in order to reassert ottoman power
It is still as a site of worship and welcoming other visitors
It mixes between traditional Islamic and byzantine elements

3-Topkapi palace

It is a world heritage site with old history
Also it has stunning ottoman architecture
and It built by sultan mehmed in the 15th century
It considered a home to 4000 people
Also One of the best landmarks you can access ornate harem
This museum features European style residences

4-Basilica cistern

There are the biggest of ancient cisterns below the city
It is worked in 532 by byzantine emperor justinian
Also it is a landmark for its artistic and using
And it  developed in the 1980s
In addition the cistern considered one of the most popular sites in city
also You can see hen’s eye column in your trip

5-Kariye museum

firstly It belongs to byzantine design
This museum is covered with fine mosaics
and The church was reconstructed five times
And the ottoman ruler changed the church to mosque in the 16th century
There are a beautiful interior and stunning




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