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Dont Mess is celebrated by journey middle With wedding that is Texas

dont mess is celebrated by journey middle with wedding that is texas

travel center celebrates ‘don’t mess with texas’ anniversary

with life sized cutouts of matthew mcconaughey and george strait, a garbage show along with a raccoon pet, the denison vacation information heart kept a party fri for that 30th wedding of the dont wreck havoc on texas anti-kitten campaign.when we recognized it had been 30 years since 1986 once the fee founded the anti-kitten strategy, we desired to take it towards the community again to create people more conscious, robbie dudley, boss of the texas vacation information centre, said.from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., people to the journey center, from u.s. freeway 75 south of the oklahoma edge, were welcomed outside by tourist representatives of places and the destinations.

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