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Dorney Park is an amusement and water park located in Allentown,Pennsylvania Dorney Park traces its history to 1860,Fast Lane is Dorney Park’s virtual queue system

Dorney Park Introduction

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom is an entertainment and water park placed  in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The park features 8 roller coasters, other adult and children’s rides, and a waterpark, Wildwater Kingdom.

Dorney Park View

Dorney Park



Dorney Park History

Dorney Park begin its history to 1860, when Solomon Dorney establish  a trout hatchery and summer resorts on his e state outside of Allentown. In 1870, Dorney decided to change the estate into a public attraction. Initially, the facility featured games, playground-style rides, refreshment stands, picnic groves, hotel, and a restaurant. By the 1880s, Dorney had added a small zoo, gardens, and a number of mechanical rides, marking the enterprise’s beginning as an entertainment park.


Dorney Park Roll coaster

Dorney Park 2


Fast Lane

Fast Lane is Dorney Park’s virtual queue system. For  50 dollar , tourists  get a wrist band that enables them to get to the front of the line on the most famous attractions without queueing. But if you go on a Saturday, it’s 5 dollar more. Fast Lane includes the following attractions: Steel Force, Talon, Hydra, Possessed, Stinger, Wild Mouse, Thunderhawk, White Water Landing, Dominator, and Thunder Canyon. When rides on the Fast Lane lineup are closed, there is no price change.

Dorney Park Games

Dorney Park 3

Talon Front Row Seat on-ride POV

Dorney Park


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