Ancient Egypt

Exploring the temples of Karnak in Luxor


The temples of Karnak in luxor are one of the ancient Egypt

We will talk about temples of Karnak in Luxor

the temples of Karnak in Luxor


1-avenue of sphinxes

There are a grand procession way and flanked on both sides by r5am headed sphinxes

And ancient Egyptian annual festival of opet

Then the statues of amun,mut ,khonsu were paraded out of Karnak


2-great temple of Amun

firstly The temple of amun is the main temple of Karnak

There are an addition and improvement in the temple over the centuries

Although there are an improvement ,the shape of temple is mostly due to pharaoh tuthmosis

He made the capital and expanded original temple


3-Klosk of sesostris

The Kiosk of sesostris is one the oldest structures

It built of fine limestone and the roof is borne on 24 pillars

Such as the outer wall and the cover with reliefs of excellent quality


4-valley of the kings

The valley of the kings is located between rocky escarpment

It considers the resting place for the kings of the 18th ,19th and  20th

Also consider the dead man accompanied by thesun god

The wall of the temples were decorated with texts and scenes and giving man instruction


5-Luxor temple

The temple is built by amenoplis

And he has other name the southern harem of amun

And he dedicated to amun

Also his son the moon god knons

There are the chapels of the4 deities with their vestibules and subsidiary

Also large hypostyle hall

And open peristyle


6-Temple of Deir al bahri

It is located at the foot of the sheer cliffs

And there are the light colored almost white

It consists of three terraces rising from plain

There are a ladder between northern and southern half

7-temple of ptah

It was built by tuthmosis

There are five successive gate way

Also passage shaped by four column ad linked by screens

The names of tuthmosis wrote by a small pylon

The entrance passage refers to a court

also The rear side consists of portico with 16 sided column

And two altar bases of red granite

In the court leads to the sanctuary

You can see the reliefs dating the reign of tuthmosis


8-temple of montu

There are in the temple of montu such as the war god local god of thebes

It was built by amenoplis

The temple expanded more than time especially in the period of ptolmies

The old part of sculpture show a high standard of artistic






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