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Galena city in Northern Illinois The City that Time Forgot for its rich heritage

Galena city in Northern Illinois

Galena may be a town in Northern Illinois sixteen miles east of Dubuque, Iowa and 163 miles west from Chicago. it’s called “The town that point Forgot” for its wealthy nineteenth century heritage.

Galena, Illinois

Named once the native iron deposits, town was supported in 1826 and was a significant port on the Mississippi. Its fortunes modified within the twenty first century as demand for lead born, however within the Eighties, town reinvented itself as a holidaymaker destination.

Galena city

Today, 3,600 residents type a community that’s wealthy in history, claiming the house of the eighteenth President of the u. s., Ulysses S. Grant. quite k buildings in mineral ar listed within the National Register of Historic Places by the U. S. Department of the inside.

Driving Through Downtown Galena, Illinois

several of the elegantly rebuilt homes ar currently bed & breakfasts or receptive the general public for tours. mineral has become the third largest holidaymaker attraction in Illinois next to Chicago and Springfield

Galena downtown

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