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Ganong Bros., restricted is Canada’s oldest candy company; it had been based by James and Gilbert Ganong in 1873 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick wherever it’s primarily based to the current day. the first product is boxed chocolates. It currently provides several chocolates for Laura Secord stores.
The Ganongs were descendants of Huguenots United Nations agency fled maltreatment in France and emigrated to settlement within the last half of the seventeenth century, the cognomen “Ganong” could be a corruption of the first French language name, “Guenon”.

Ganong Bros ,,

Ganong Bros
Ganong Bros


Ganong Bros.’ restricted has been one in every of the chocolate industry’s most significant firms. Arthur Ganong was the primary to form any style of a wrapped chocolate bar; Ganong began commerce the primary chocolate bars in 1910. In 1920 they began victimization the brand “Pal-O-Mine” for his or her chocolate candy.
The company conjointly was the primary to introduce a unsubdivided box of chocolates in North America. The unsubdivided boxes were originally used for presents over the Christmas season before it conjointly succeeded around St Valentine’s Day
In 1911, Ganong Bros. purchased the bankrupt White Candy Company in Saint John, New Brunswick and operated a plant there till 1931.

Recent history :

The new factory as it appeared in 2006
The new factory as it appeared in 2006

For the primary time in its a hundred thirty five year recent history, Ganong elect a president and business executive from outside the family. Doug Ettinger, a senior govt within the food business for the past twenty years, was approved by the Ganong board of administrators because the baron of Canada’s oldest candy company. David Ganong maintains Associate in Nursing consultative role on the company’s board and remains the dominant stockholder.

Chocolate Museum (New Brunswick):

Ganong’s long history is showcased at the Chocolate repository (Le Musée du Chocolat in French) that opened in 1999 in St. Stephen, New Brunswick. The repository is itself settled within the previous mill building. Exhibits describe the Ganong brothers and therefore the company, and embrace active and interactive displays regarding the method of constructing chocolate and candies traditionally and presently, and a show of historic chocolate boxes and antique candy-making instrumentality. guests also can style chocolate samples. The building conjointly homes the Ganong Chocolatier chocolate and store moreover because the city of St. Stephen.
In conjunction with the community, the repository co-hosts the St. Sir Leslie Stephen Chocolate competition, that has been control since 1985.In 2000 the city was formally registered as “Canada’s Chocolate Town”.

Products :

Pal-O-Mine, a soft fudge, coconut and peanut bar covered in dark chocolate, is Ganong’s oldest product still in production. It was first manufactured in 1920.


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