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The pressman depository is one among the oldest museums of printing within the world, settled opposite the cathedral within the recent a part of Mainz, Germany. it’s named once Johann Gutenberg, the creator of printing from transferrable metal sort. The collections embrace printing instrumentation and samples of written materials from several cultures.

House „Zum Römischen Kaiser“, today: Gutenberg Museum
House „Zum Römischen Kaiser“, today: Gutenberg Museum

Gutenberg Museum ,,,

History :

Older part of the Gutenberg Museum in the Zum Römischen Kaiser house, Mainz
Older part of the Gutenberg Museum in the Zum Römischen Kaiser house, Mainz

A group of voters based the depository in 1900, five hundred years once Johann Gutenberg’s birth, to honor the artificer and gift his technical and inventive achievements to the general public at massive. They conjointly aimed to exhibit the writing and printing of as many various cultures as attainable.
Publishers, makers of printing machines and printing homes given books, equipment and machines, that fashioned the idea of the gathering. In its initial few years the depository was a part of town library, which means that the foremost stunning and characteristic volumes from the library’s in depth assortment can be requisitioned for the depository. guests were therefore bestowed with a survey of just about five hundred years of the written book. In time the depository distended to incorporate sections on printing techniques, book art, job printing and ex-libris, graphics and posters, paper, the history of writing of all cultures of the planet and fashionable artists’ books.
The Gutenberg depository was originally set move into 2 rooms at the Kurfürstliches Schloß (Electoral Palace Mainz), that conjointly accommodated town library. The depository enraptured into the new library building on the Rheinallee in 1912. identical year, 1925, saw the installation of a reconstruction of Gutenberg’s workshop that before long became one amongst the museum’s main attractions. kind introduction, typesetting and printing might currently be incontestible visually. The reproduction of Gutenberg’s press, remodeled according 15th- and 16th-century woodcuts, proved associate degree object of nice interest to guests and was henceforward shown at an outsized variety of exhibitions everywhere the planet.
In 1927 the depository was able to move in the Zum Römischen Kaiser (1664), one amongst the foremost stunning buildings in Mainz. this is often currently wherever the museum’s administration, the restoration workshop, library and Gutenberg Society square measure housed. The Late Renaissance building was heavily bombed in 1945; the museum’s contents had been keep during a safe place and therefore remained intact. In 1962, the restoration of the Römischer Kaiser was complete. A new, fashionable exhibition building was conjointly opened within the place wherever once the guest house König von European nation stood.

Acquisitions :

Gutenberg Museum – inside
Gutenberg Museum – inside

The repository created many necessary acquisitions within the following years, among them a second Gutenberg Bible, the Shuckburgh Bible in 2 volumes (1978), and 2 block books written victimisation wood formes and these days extraordinarily rare. Another major modification was the introduction of the museum’s instructional unit in 1989. In 2000, the previous repository building was restored and extended.


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